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MerMay 2023

MerMay '23 | Day 30: Blue
MerMay '23 | Day 29: Barbie
MerMay '23 | Day 18: Deep Sea
MerMay '23 | Day 19: Music for a Sushi Restaurant
MerMay '23 | Day 17: Emotion
MerMay '23 | Day 16: Celebrity
MerMay '23 | Day 13: Old Money
MerMay '23 | Day 11: Villain
MerMay '23 | Day 10: Celestial
MerMay '23 | Day 9: Heartbreak
MerMay '23 | Day 8: Dystopian
MerMay '23 | Day 7: Merfairy
MerMay '23 | Day 6: Mushroom
MerMay '23 | Day 5: Cinco de Mayo
MerMay '23 | Day 4: Star Wars
MerMay '23 | Day 3: Twisted
MerMay '23 | Day 2: Upside Down
MerMay '23 | Day 1:  Self-portrait

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Fancy Llama: Llamas are awesome! (1034)
Deviously Devoted: Someone is your fiendish fan! 😈 (12)
Gold Coin 2023: Someone thinks you're golden! (5)
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Guzbourine —the contraction of Guzheng (Chinese harp) and Tambourine— is a multiverse weekly webcomic taking place in different ages and scenarios with a common denominator: the main characters duo. Even typical stories like merman and pirate meeting could've a different development.

Currently publishing Teal Sail: piracy in Guangdong, 1781, and Yellow Wars: mafias in San Francisco, 1925.

  • AUTHORS: Ahoy there, sailor! Welcome aboard. We’re Christine Knox and Aurel Gweillys, writer and artist respectively of this crazy thing called Guzbourine. This is the first time we dare to take an idea so far, and we assure you it has so much more to offer than it seems to the naked eye.

If you like what we do, SUPPORT US! We need your help to keep this project alive. Join the crew! You can either:

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Favourite Movies
Willow, Crimson Peak, Mulan, Road to El Dorado, Only Lovers Alive, Lilo & Stitch, Valerian and the City of a Thousand Planets, The Greatest Showman
Favourite TV Shows
Friends, Brooklyn 99, The Witcher, The Untamed, Scarlet Heart Goryeo, Futurama, Chilling Adventures of Sabrina
Favourite Bands / Musical Artists
Variety is the spice of life: Queen, SHINee, NEWS, BoA, Faun, Caravan Palace, Bollywood, Céline Dion, Elton John
Favourite Books
Lots... : Farewell My Concubine, Ender's Game, The Name of the Wind, Harry Potter, Martín Ojo de Plata, El Zorro (Ayende), Good Omens, Discworld Saga, The Three Body Problem.
Favourite Games
Animal Crossing, The Witcher, Final Fantasy, Kingdom Hearts, The Sims, Jak & Daxter, Lucky Dog, Indie Horror RPGs (Madfather...).
Favourite Gaming Platform
Nintendo Switch, PC, Play Station.
Tools of the Trade
Two brains, color pencils, markers, watercolors, coffee and a laptop.
It’s not easy to announce this, seamen, but we took the sad decision of closing our DeviantArt account definitely. So we won’t be publishing any more content here and we’ll continue our activities on our other platforms. At the beginning of the year, we put a few things in order and decided there were a lot of changes we need to make if we want to make Guzbourine progress. This is a particularly hard decision for Aurel because she’s been in DeviantArt for more than 10 years since she created her first account and this was a special place for her, but the reason behind this decision is a mix of discomfort and disappointment. As many of you may already know, as artists, even if we love to do what we do, it’s important to keep numbers in mind in order to be able to keep and grow our projects, and sadly DeviantArt never had a good efficiency compared to our other sites. In terms of audience, it’s way behind these, specially regarding engagement and support. Even if we have an active
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CAPTION, SEAMEN! WE'RE CLOSING OUR DEVIANTART ACCOUNT. Please read journal to know where to find us.
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Hi there, seamen! This year we'll be publishing an N*FW Advent Calendar on Patre0n with a new sketch-like illustration every 2 days 'til 24th Dec.! Follow Randy, Lu Han, and other of our characters while they're having a good time. Too spicy for Deviantart, so most of them will be patrons-only, but some other may fall on our Twitter (X) as well. You can see the first one HERE UNCENSORED! Follow us on Patreon if you want to see them all! CLICK HERE!
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Hello :)

Thank you for the :llama::hug:

No worries! Llama Emoji-09 (Drinking Tea) [V1] Take good care of it!

I'm appreciate of the llama

Oh, are you worried about it or you appreciate it? Hope is not the first one 😅

ya may bad I'll meant 2 say "appreciate"

Thankyou Kindly For The Watch :D

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