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 I finally have a new PC, a new Cintiq and a new drive to keep drawing. The final step has been made!

Once I get my Wacom link plus from Wacom (My cintiq's screen isn't being discovered by my PC so right now its just a tablet.) I will kick into 3rd and 4th gear and start working on everything I have promised the past year and a half for you guys. Also a little bonus to that! I will be streaming! I haven't set a schedule just yet. But I will alert all of you when I do start streaming. I'll be streaming my own works. Commissioners will get private streams for them so they can communicate with me when I'm working on their pieces.

Then that will extend to opening up a Patreon once I get a rhythm down for you guys.

For now! If you wish to be notified automatically when I start streaming I will be doing it on Picarto so follow me on there!

And if you have missed it I've uploaded 2 OBS test videos to see if it can run smoothly on my PC. It Can!

Part 1

Part 2

And in completely different news. I've grabbed Black Desert Online mostly for their Character creator so I can attempt and making my OCs. So far I've only done Quiver Wasp and Kore, but I'll be attempting more in the future!

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I'm not dead, and I've been drawing still, just the stuff I've been working on either I can't put up on here, or I don't deem worthy to be posted on here. If you want to see what I'm working on just go to my twitter, tumblr etc....

I've been posting more on my Twitter recently.

<----- Over there.

Or if you are just reading this journal uh...

For more of my Art

My Tumblr - Art & WIP


My Instagram - @PickledGear
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So I have a few questions for you guys. I'm still planning a Patreon for my art but I have no clue how to truly start it.

How should I have goals for it?

What type of rewards would you guys like to have?

Should I have more than 1 tier?

How should the payment plan go? Monthly? Weekly? Per submission?

If you have any other advice please add it to your comment. I'm in complete darkness here, but I want to fund my art.
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Thanks to all of you who submitted characters for my story (Quiver to Arrows) I'm still collecting all of them (I got multiple submissions on other sites.) I will be going through all of them and fitting them into their places within the story, whether it is a large part or a short passing by. I still plan on drawing the ones I enjoy the most, but I'm adapting to Paint Tool SAI some more before I jump back into that project. (I still have to buy SAI to.)

So I considered to do a Q&A with those who have questions since I am such a quiet person and am not very sociable online like I was when I was younger. So I'll let you guys ask questions here and I think I'll post up answers here afterwards or I might make a video answering with my voice instead (If you guys want to hear my kermity ass voice.)

Ask anything and I'll answer, I also try to put a filter on myself so I don't come off so brash since I have a tendency to do just that.
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1 day left to submit characters~!

So I'm driving myself to start working on more of my story right now and I would like to see how many people would be willing to help me with the Battle for Orin story.

Some notes so it helps you guys.

The Battle of Orin is set between August 3rd to the 10th, 2545. Orin is a supply chain colony (More like a big distribution shipping port for both corporations and UNSC.) It is just recently (345 years ago) fell into a new Ice age. Leaving only the areas around the equator of the planet truly habitable. The rest of the planet is massive tundras and sheets of ice and snow from the newly forming glaciers.

I'm only 1 guy here and having different characters by different minds would definitely make the story feel more alive.

I want to build up more marines, infantry and ODSTs (and other military personnel.) for the Battle for Orin. I will state this however to those who want to have themselves be these characters (self inserts.) This is a glassing of a planet and those who know Halo, know that those are never happy got lucky and survive stories. These OCs will most likely die, nor will their deaths be heroic.

I'm still open for those who have character ideas for these soldiers though. If you have any ideas please fill out a small "form" of their character/s. I'll also add that knowing how people are and wanting to have the special and badass character that there will be a limited number (4) of Helljumpers and only the best fleshed out characters who have a credible military career will be actually looked over.

There are several contingents on and near Orin when the Covenant find the planet. But since the story follows Fire Team Quiver mostly, Quiver mostly aids and interacts with the 122nd Infantry Division, 37th Trooper Division and 202nd Marine Division.

Name -
Nickname -
Date of Birth -
Gender -
Height -
Appearance - (Pictures welcome.)
Affiliation -(Civilian, Marines, Army, Navy, ODST)
Unit - (Division, Regiment, Company, etc..)
Rank -

Personality -
Bio -

1. :iconfungster: Army
QtA: Fungster's Corporal Lambert by Guyver89

2. :iconthe-chronothaur: Army
QtA: Chronothaur's PFC Derrida by Guyver89

3. :iconvex27: ODST
QtA: The-Librarian's LT Mizukami by Guyver89

4.:iconswatson3rd: Marines
QtA: Swatson3rd's Major Joshi WIP by Guyver89

5.:iconsaguinius: Marines
QtA: Saguinius's LCPL Pentecost WIP by Guyver89

Also another bonus they will get sketched up and even fully finished piece of all of them together (if I get enough and they are in the same units together.) Example ---->

122nd and 37th by Guyver89

July 4th Update


Okay I'm doing a quick update here. I'll be more specific now on how these character "Sketches" will turn out. The more I ... enjoy a character and they are more fleshed out and also not overtly customized (I don't like saying Mary sue any more so I'll refer the trying to "Stand out" type of character as a Overtly Customized OC (An OC-OC as it were) The more finished the drawing of them will be, so yeah I'm playing favorites here. Characters I really like the concept of will get the full work up while the others may only be colored or even just sketched up if they really are sparse in details or are just another Designated Marksman cause everyone wants to be a deadeye or sniper as it were.

So to make it easier

Character I wholeheartedly love -> Fully colored and shaded

Character I approve -> Fully Colored

Character I like but I am unsure on ->

I'd also like to note that you do get bonus points if they aren't born on Earth, especially Army since the UNSC army on planets are more "Planetary" Guard then a mobile force like the UNSC Marines are.

For those here for commissions I'm on hiatus when it comes to commissions so I can declutter everything on my end. I also would like to state that in the future all commission requests will be directed to my Art email.

Commissions - Closed by SweetDuke

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I don't know what it is with status updates that I dislike using here on dA but I think it might just be aesthetic, takes up too much of the page and needs to be smaller like the twitter feed size. Then I'd use it.

AAAANYWAYS, just a quick update here on a journal. FOr those of you who have been in contact with me about Commissions, if I go silent for any period of time that you deem too long (2 weeks +) then please by all means message me and remind me about your commission. You have to realize I made the dumb decision not to funnel all commission requests through 1 avenue and instead I am in communication through multiple websites and things get lost in the clicks between sites.

If you really really need to contact me directly and not through the poorly design notes here on dA. Then please email me to my new Commissions Email

Again, if I haven't talked to you in time, please contact me to refresh me on your commission requests.

Commission List

1.:icontomlinkens:'s SPARTAN OC
Commission - Spartan A131 by Guyver89

2.:iconmrskits:'s SPARTAN OC
Commission - Spartan MrSkits by Guyver89

3. Jesse18's SPARTAN OC
Commission - Spartan Jesse18 by Guyver89

4.:iconmrskits:'s 2nd SPARTAN OC
In Progress

5.:iconrossi320:'s Spartan Fire Team
Waiting on Confirmation

6.Eclipped on Instagram's SPARTAN OC
Waiting on Confirmation
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I apologize for not posting that often the past few months. As most of you are aware my Father passed away and helping my family was my main priority and still is to an extent as we deal with certain issues with the NFL and our emotions in general. But I felt it was time to change up the journal on my deviantart page. I know my dad wouldn't want that up for so long, he was definitely a man who loved change and to keep moving. So that is what I'm doing with posting this journal.
I'm still fighting myself with driving myself to draw, while my PC is still slowly collapsing in on itself (yes I know the past few years I've been stating this.) I'm more preoccupied with worrying one day it just won't work and I'll lose all my art I've made the past 10 years (Yeah I've kept it all.) I have so many unfinished projects that I want to still complete and work on but there is that hesitation that if I start now then my PC will shoot that project in the head. Which I realize is just myself shooting it in the foot.

The main project I still want to work on is definitely my Anvil initiative comic, but I find myself wanting to restart it. Along with going with the plan of using the HaloArchive as the main site for the comic. Which I still haven't done. I have other works I need to work on to like my Guyver project and my Elder Scrolls oriented stuff.

I need something to energize me back into the groove of things so I was thinking of an Q&A about anything related to my projects that you guys are interested in. I know I won't get that many questions, I've tried this before, many times and usually it goes unnoticed but I'll try anything to help kickstart my work again.
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14690866 10211208228664421 4946441160284404510 N by Guyver89

I Love You Dad

Thank you for everything, You were the the one person I was most proud of. You will always be apart of me. I'm so happy that you passed peacefully, with family around you to see you away. That everyone in your life that you effected got to say their farewells to you. That you stayed you till the very end. That the last moment between us you squeezed my hand and smiled at me like you always did when we tested our strength against one another.

I will miss you, This is going to hurt so much having you gone, not hearing you sing in the morning and laugh with Mom and talk about every car you ever owned. All the stories you told about when you played in the NFL.

I Thank you for being you and helping me grow as I grew up to who I am now.

Be at Peace Dad, for you deserve it and then some...

I think it's time come out and let you guys know. That my father's health has declined severely the past 2 months. And that he doesn't have much more long to live.

The past 2 weeks alone he has fallen 7 times. We have hospice and many other services helping us. But my mom and I are still the ones helping him the most pretty much 24 hours a day. With my sister helping feed his little appetite.

It happened so fast we haven't had time to rest. This was what I was afraid of most and coming to terms with it is damn hard.

I'm gonna have to stop drawing for a while, as I'm just not feeling it anymore.
So this is a bit of an update for everyone wondering why I have been so dead the past month.

First thing, I got hit with a stomach bug that has drained me of any energy almost every morning. Finally taking some stuff to fight back at it and it seems to be working. Waking up every morning with a massive stomach ache and dry heaving for 2 hours will drain you pretty fuckin fast. So I haven't really been pushing myself to try and draw while laying in bed. If my Macbook Pro still worked this wouldn't have hindered me as I could just work while in bed. Sadly that thing has been inoperable for 3 years now (lost connection to HDD so it can't do anything.)

Second, Now my PC is starting to worry me that it to has finally reached its end. If you were to walk into my room and look at it you would horrified at the condition this thing is in. I got it back in 2007 (craziness I Know.) At the time it was a beast of a Gaming PC and cost a pretty penny. Now 8 years in it has been worked to death. The Case Fan died and I was so lazy I never got a new one to replace it so to keep it cool I have the case open to let cool air of my room do the trick. But now the GPU's fan is having the same symptoms as the case fan. It is Chirping to NO END and I feel like I have a weird form of Misophonia with electronic sounds and the constant chirping is making my ears bleed (Metaphorically.) So nowadays I keep it off the majority of the time.

I technically can still work on art but I don't want to stess out my PC anymore then I need to and my late night art binges seem to be a NO GO for my Old PC.

So if all of a sudden I go silent it is either I died of this stomach illness or my PC died. Either way it seems I'm going to be way less frequent this year with my art work until I can get a new PC or maybe just maybe fix my 2010 Macbook Pro (Repairs being fixing the HDD and replacing the battery which has expanded dislocating the track pad from its socket.)

I apologize to anyone who has been wanting to see any new artwork from me (if there are any.) But I'm a bit short on any cash to rectify any of these problems.

Still you can talk to me on here I still have a phone which is connected to my deviantart so if my PC dies I can still talk to you guys on here. Oh and I also have an Xbox Live account which I still use every day for you guys to communicate with me (GT being Halochief89RvB just send a message saying who you are and I'll talk back.)

I might even resort to going back to pencil and paper and taking pictures with my phone haha to still upload sketches at least.

Just a short update for you guys....
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I'm still searching to commission some artist on this site (or any other site.) of my Fire Team. This time however I'd like an artist who knows how to draw tech and armor with skill. I originally wanted them in an action scene but I'm willing to just have them as a group together to.

I'm also putting my budget at around $100-$125 range.
Please comment here or Note me if interested.

Halo Ammunition: Fire Team QUIVER HUD Icons by Guyver89 Halo Ammunition: Fire Team QUIVER (Base Colors) by Guyver89 Halo Ammunition: Cobalt Oasis by Guyver89 SPARTAN-A089 - 2558 by Guyver89SPARTAN-C009 - 2558 by Guyver89SPARTAN-C195 - 2558 by Guyver89

Halo Ammunition Sketches Page 1 by Guyver89 Halo Ammunition Sketches Page 2 by Guyver89 Halo Ammunition: Mutual Surveillance by Guyver89  Fire Team Quiver DF: SPARTAN-C195 Vance (OLD) by Guyver89  Fire Team Quiver DF: SPARTAN-C009 Melissa (OLD) by Guyver89
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Recluse-ID by Guyver89

My Character is Recluse-Spider of the Universe 923751 which houses the spider duo R n R!
R - N - R: Recluse - Nerium - Ravine by Guyver89 Recluse n' Ravine: A Forgotten Promise by Guyver89

1: What inspired your Spider-OC's design and how?
Depends on which version... If it is the old version then it is Pete's original costume pretty much. He's got the Red and I've got the Green.
Recluse - Spider Profile Sheet by Guyver89

But if it is the new original costume...
Recluse-Spider Suit Design Final by Guyver89
Then it is mostly all my own design but the mask is inspired by Peter's armored Mark II suit that he had during "BIG TIME" story arc.

2: What inspired your Spider-OC's Normal life and personality. how?
Oscar's normal life has always been fireworks (not literally.) The dude got the good end of the draw almost all the time. He is Tall, Handsome, athletic and all around Fun and outgoing guy. He believes in living every day and life to the fullest. He is the personification of the outgoing side of me (Guyver89) personally which has always been kept in check. I'm an introvert, and hes an extrovert, I think things through abit too much and he barely thinks before acting. He's naturally blonde and I'm dark brown.... you get what I mean.

3: Do you consider you Spider-OC to be the best out of the omega cluster and why?
I myself? No there are probably selfless heroes amongst Omega Cluster but Oscar isn't one of them. He only cares his and his only (that being his friends, his loved ones.... his universe in the sense of SpiderVerse) He might take a liking to other spiders but they are from another existence then his. He puts a mental block on himself so he doesn't grow too attached. But Ravine and his Peter Parker from his Universe? Yes he cares for them immensely. So no Recluse isn't the best Spider. He might be the most physically imposing out of all of them though... I mean the dude is 6'4" and weighs over 230lbs of pure muscle and can lift over 50 tons, hes the heavy hitter in the duo that is R n' R.

4: What other Spider-OCC's do you like (apart from your own) and why

Easy easy and easy!

:iconninjaisonfire:'s Ravine-Spider
Ravine: Night's Watch by ninjaisonfire
I mean come on! The dude is my Best friend till the universe ends man! I'm biased in that way. Plus Ravine is inspired by Kamen Rider and nothing is better then a good Kamen Rider series! (save for Guyver which is inspired by Kamen Rider so full circle there!)

:iconblakkvi2012:'s Anansi
Anansi by KingLeonUniverse by blakkvi2012
Dude has a bad ass design! plus he is the first OC hero I saw with the title "Anansi" Not many heroes have a badass mask like that! So he is unique to me!

:iconmangaangel:'s Jamaican Spider
The Jamaican Spider by GavinMichelli
I mean come on the guy started the Omega Cluster. In my own head I picture JS here being the Spider going to the different universes of the OCs and being the one leading the Omega Cluster. Guy wears the colors of Jamaica perfectly. Plus organic Spider arms!

:iconisrael42:'s Chinese Spider-Girl
OC: Chinese Spidergirl by Israel42
Epic design. It is a fun design to me. Although we haven't seen her in action yet!

KINDA Honourable mention!

:iconn3zumi:'s Nerium
Recluse n' Ravine: Lobotomized Nerium by Guyver89
Super bias away!!! Again another best friend's character. Although she isn't a Spider-Totem she is still apart of the duo RnR's story! Conflict through Friendship!

5: Do you think the Spiderverse event inspired more people to create their own Spider-OC(s)?
Yeah that is an affirmative. Okay! Chop! Chop! back to designing unique Spider heroes PEOPLE!

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Ok I've been holding off this talk because I wanted to unlock all the Halo 5 armors and other pieces so I could "judge" each armor individually but I realize that I just need to get this whole major gripe I have with Halo 5's MP armor out right now instead of waiting after the 8 months of big DLC packs are all done. Because each month is just another delay and having to explain myself to those of you who wish to commission me to draw your Spartans from Halo 5.

I Won't be doing Halo 5's armors.

Thats the simple version of it. EXTREMELY simple version of what I'm saying. I'm not actually doing that let me explain.

The Armor designs themselves are amazing. I had my gripes with 343's design choices in Halo 4 with the new GEN2 aesthetics but it grew on me and I actually really dig 343's new SPARTAN look. What I'm having a hard time with and my friends who talk to me and play with me online can attest to is the actual patterns and painting designs on said armors. I have always loved Halo's armors because they were MILITARY. They weren't cluttered with stupid patterns. But with Halo 5's obvious competitive gaming MLG angle it was set to they have dropped it all completely and it breaks my heart. All the armors in Halo 5 are just disgraceful to me as they are designed as Pro Sports Jerseys instead of UNSC Military in nature.

So I repeat, the Armors themselves all great (save for a few of them... I'M LOOKING AT YOU SEEKER ARMOR YOU UGLY PIECE OF TRASH.) It is the actual coloring patterns on the armors that I HATE with a burning passion. Now there are some armor patterns in Halo 5 MP that are actually very well designed seeing as they stick to a very simple look and aren't FUCKING CAKED IN WHITE! Some examples of a well designed armor paint jobs?
1. Helioskrill It is Symmetrical and there is no white added to it. Only Primary and Secondary and the Primary is still the dominant color.
2.CIO Symmetrical and Primary is still dominant with no white (you see the pattern here.)
4.Recon BDA Although asymmetrical it still holds a good design that isn't ridiculous.
5.Atlas Although I dislike the use of white on the armor the design portions that are secondary are very much Military in nature.

I could list all the ones I like but this isn't the point. These design choices for the armors in Halo 5 are aimed at the Team in mind. Look at the armors when in Team combat (red vs blue.) And you'll see what I'm talking about. They are designed for 1 color choices in mind (as in Blue and light blue, Red and orange.) The white markings that have plagued the armors are also made so that players can stand out in Team combat so the team doesn't look like clones.

I wouldn't be so up in arms about this trivial issue if the armors had NORMAL versions of themselves to choose from. What I mean by that is if you have Halo 5, go into the armors (if you have unlocked many that is.) and look for all the armors that appeared in Halo 4.

Look at the non variant versions (ones without a subname such as Recon BDA or Mark VI SATRAP so look for just EVA or just Scout) all of them are horrendous. White is thrown all around them (some don't even have secondary color on them; WETWORK.) Their designs appear to be more variant in appearance but they are just standard versions... All splattered with white or have DARKENED Sections of Primary and secondary color all over them.

Is it too much to ask for UNSC Styled armors? Heck I'd go for a Halo 4 Armor Skin pack! bring back all the skins from Halo 4 (Armor and weapons even.) to Halo 5 so people can wear those hideous things to their hearts content while the sane players actually look somewhat "formal"

I still plan on doing this Big Rant on each armor and its variant patterns in the future when I have them all unlocked so I can articulate it better and so it isn't rushed. But for now!


And as always I'd appreciate a follow on any of these sites (For school -_-)

Tumblr Blog ->
Twitter Account ->
Pinterest Account ->…
Facebook Account(Yeah I know..) ->…
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I have a course in College right now where I have to create a media personality and presence and every week it requires me to report on audience growth and what not.

Just so happens that this account is Halo related and is also connected to my Ammunition Fan Fiction in a way. I'm asking for help in whether you guys will follow said account and blog? It would help me out tremendously :)

Tumblr Blog ->
Twitter Account ->
Pinterest Account ->…
Facebook Account(Yeah I know..) ->…
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Again looking to Commission someone to draw Fire Team Quiver but this time action oriented so anyone who is good at drawing visceral combat. Please note me if you are interested and I'll describe what I'm looking for.

Halo Ammunition: Fire Team QUIVER HUD Icons by Guyver89 Halo Ammunition: Fire Team QUIVER (Base Colors) by Guyver89 Halo Ammunition: Cobalt Oasis by Guyver89 SPARTAN-A089 - 2558 by Guyver89SPARTAN-C009 - 2558 by Guyver89SPARTAN-C195 - 2558 by Guyver89

Halo Ammunition Sketches Page 1 by Guyver89 Halo Ammunition Sketches Page 2 by Guyver89 Halo Ammunition: Mutual Surveillance by Guyver89  Fire Team Quiver DF: SPARTAN-C195 Vance (OLD) by Guyver89  Fire Team Quiver DF: SPARTAN-C009 Melissa (OLD) by Guyver89
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  1. How long have you been on DeviantArt?
    9 Years

  2. What does your username mean?
    I Love Bio Boosted Armor Guyver and 89 is my father's Pro Football Jersey #

  3. Describe yourself in three words.
    Restless Perfectionist Gamer

  4. Are you left or right handed?
    Right Handed

  5. What was your first deviation?
    Crimson Guyver widow by Guyver89

  6. What is your favourite type of art to create?
    Military, medieval, romance, science fiction, monsters

  7. If you could instantly master a different art style, what would it be?
    3D Modelling.

  8. What was your first favourite?
    Aliens vs The Guyver by blackpoint

  9. What type of art do you tend to favourite the most?
    Mostly fan art of my favorite Game Franchises.

  10. Who is your all-time favourite deviant artist?
    :iconsweetcandyrain: and :iconninjaisonfire:

  11. If you could meet anyone on DeviantArt in person, who would it be?

  12. How has a fellow deviant impacted your life?
    Having long conversations with :iconsweetcandyrain: about pretty much anything. Making a great friend. Also :iconn3zumi: & :iconninjaisonfire: My 2 BFFs!

  13. What are your preferred tools to create art?
    Adobe Photoshop, WACOM Tablet, Paper, Pen, Pencil.

  14. What is the most inspirational place for you to create art?
    MY BRAIN!!!

  15. What is your favourite DeviantArt memory?
    Not really any big moments that I can think of.

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So I'm not gonna hide it (From my friends if they somehow visit my dA page.) But I'd like to commission someone who is talented in the ways of Halo or anything really but my specific commission/s are Halo related. I've been on the hunt for a Halo fan artist who I could commission to do it but I suck at head hunting so it would seem.

Anyways, I'd like to get head busts my Fire Team Quiver. I'd love to see them in other artists' art styles and their own ways of seeing the characters. If you don't know what I'm talking about here are some thumbnails to some pieces I did of them so you can see them. I'd just like to see them in other means rather then just by my hand all the time (nothing wrong with that is there?)

And if you can't draw (or write, I'd love to see some written stuff to!) then perhaps point an artist you think might be perfect for this to me? or point me to them?

Halo Ammunition: Fire Team QUIVER HUD Icons by Guyver89

Halo Ammunition Sketches Page 1 by Guyver89  Halo Ammunition: Mutual Surveillance by Guyver89  Fire Team Quiver DF: SPARTAN-C195 Vance (OLD) by Guyver89  Fire Team Quiver DF: SPARTAN-C009 Melissa (OLD) by Guyver89
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Wow been a while and I've got a few subjects to address! So here it goes!

Recent Stuff!
    I'll be heading to PAX Prime 2014 at the end of August! This will be my 7th consecutive time I've gone to PAX in Seattle. I don't know the 100% definitive Cosplays I'll be going as so if you are going to PAX Prime you probably won't recognize me while at the Expo. I'll also be taking pictures though and I'll be sure to upload them to an Imgur gallery for you guys to see. UNLIKE MOST PEOPLE WHO TAKE PICTURES AND NEVER UPLOAD THEM *COUGH!* Sorry just a gripe I have so many people take pictures of my friends and I in our cosplay group and we rarely ever find them online.

    My best friend Vance AKA :iconninjaisonfire: just graduated with his 2 year diploma at Capilano University! I went up to visit and celebrate with him so if you can send him some congrats! I need to visit my friends up north more often and not just once or twice a year.

Halo Stuff!
    As you can see I just finished the first comic of my OC Spartans, Next will be Vance's Spartan but for right now I've got ideas popping into my head that I have to let loose! Other plans are to kick up writing on the story some more to the first chapter is up on its a rough draft version HERE!as I have too many projects at one time!
Halo projects are my biggest ones right now so be sure to be on the look out for them in the coming months including a COSPLAY!

    The one thing I'm feeling everyone wants to know about.

    I have to admit I was a bit in over my head when I first opened up commissions for everyone. I had no experience and I thought having low prices might bring in some interested commissioners. Should've known putting in 15 hours of work for $15 was probably not a good idea but I wanted to get my name out. My planned 10 commissions was too much for me, working on them till 4am in the morning was too much and by the 5th commission my artist juices ran dry and I was hit by a massive art block. I now know how I would operate commissions and probably only do 3 at a time. Although sketch commissions could be open no matter what as sketches are what they are.
    I will absolutely honor commissions that people asked for back when they were open and they'll still be the original prices that they were at when asked. If you had asked for a commission from me that I haven't touched please note me that you were one and we'll work it out.

    I'm going to have to update my prices though so I may benefit from my work on the pieces and as such the prices will be raised. This will make sure those who really want a commission that they get a more complete and better commission as I won't be exhausted from other commissions. I will be uploading the new prices very soon but you can also see the new prices here also just not in a fancy deviation submission.

Line Art Sketches
These will stay low just get a 50 cent increase to $2.00 -> $4.00

Finished Line Arts and Base Colors
These are getting a jump in price and the price is based on # of characters in a piece.
1 to 2 characters are $5.00 -> $10.00
3 to 4+ can go up to $15.00 -> $20.00

Finished Art

This is the big price hike! The price is also based on # of characters in a piece.
1 character alone is $15.00 for a Bust but a full character is $20.00
With every added character it is another $5.00

An example of a change in price are:

Commission: Hold them off! by Guyver89
Instead of $15.00, this piece would now be $40.00

I want to test this out so I am having 2 Commission slots open!

Commissions Open by SquirtleStamps
October 29th  -> Commissions Closed by SquirtleStamps


1. Hold Them Off - Price $15.00 - :iconryst-airasee:

Commission: Hold them off! by Guyver89

2. City of the Vehks - Price $15.00 - :iconthe-argonian:

Commission: The City of the Vehks by Guyver89

3. The Dust Settles - Price $10.00 - :iconcdr-doofe:

Commission: The Dust Settles by Guyver89

4. Sol Varaanur - Price $9.00 - :iconskythe-soulblade:

Commission: Sol Varaanur by Guyver89

5. Lonely Arrival - Price $10.00 - :iconnocte-vagus:

Commission: Lonely Arrival by Guyver89
I finally have gotten the files from my Mac to my PC so I can continue on all the projects I had to abandoned back in May. So more A Bard's Love and more Return of Black Wurm and even the Guyver PD Comic. It will take some time because I'm focused on PAX Prime 2013 but it shall be done! Also I'm still open for commissions SERIOUSLY!!!