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Halo Ammunition: Sterling Silver 1
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Published: June 11, 2016
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This piece became such a hassle I don't want to look at it for like a month. I thought Page 7 of Dog Tag Origins was a hair ripping moment. This piece had 2 dumb moments for me... by me. If you notice the shading is all fucked up that is because I accidentally merged all layers before finishing and saved it without noticing. THEN I accidentally deleted the repaired layer without noticing and saved... So I had to repair this sucker too many times...

Anyways here is the first mission for Fire Team Quiver on Requiem :) (Not a Comic more of a super detailed StoryBoard.)

Set right after Dog Tag Origins.
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abraxasprimeHobbyist General Artist
Ghost didn't even wait for Spear to tell him to jump :lol:
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Much better than the official comics I have seen. Beautiful :)
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XxJennaKittyxXHobbyist Artist
This was very interesting! It was well written and illustrated accordingly, I hope you continue this, this may be one of the better comics out there!
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AnastasiyProfessional Digital Artist
I love the colors and the atmosphere!
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Pretty awesome work you did here. I'd commission a comic like this, but I don't have any money to spend right now...

For future reference, how much would it cost to commission a comic like this? Do you even do comic commissions?
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Guyver89Student Digital Artist
ooh boy, I could possibly do base colors comic but shaded comics would be a good $100+ so much hassle to do them haha.
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DemontriHobbyist Traditional Artist
So you said that your comics aren't based on the game universe, but on the novel universe, right?
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Guyver89Student Digital Artist
Based around the novels yes but not to upset the canon zealots (I'm one of them.) I like to say it is its own spin off universe that  has everything the real halo universe has but has these spartans and the extra characters I have in it.
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Really like how this little comic shows off just how badass a Spartan II can be. Broke a few ribs and my shoulder? Meh, walk it off XD 
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No problem with the text here, either.

It's great seeing how much effort you put into everything, from the armors, weapons and even the backgrounds.  The Pelican interiors in particular really stand out to me as being fantastic.  That being said, I know foliage is hard to draw, so some serious credit for the forest scenes!  The vines and crap all over them was a very nice touch.  Cool to see that this is a continuation from the Dog Tags story, with Wasp stepping onto the ship.  Speaking of Wasp, hilarious that she wound up getting injured from slamming to the ground.  Guess I never really considered the force a Spartan Slam would really have, even in-game (despite the fact it can kill someone.. could just be from having a half ton of Spartan landing on your head).  Also gotta love the "Oh shit, we've been hit.  Well... see ya, Pilot!" *jump*
Overall, well worth the problems you had.  I hope this thing gets a bunch of attention, because you put a LOT of work into it.

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PrincessofdarknessX6Hobbyist Traditional Artist
Looking good, I didn't have any trouble with the text so for me it was readable. ^^ 
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SpinosaurusDinosaurHobbyist Digital Artist
The text is a little blurry, and tiny ^^;
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