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Were with a fickle heart
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Published: June 4, 2004
© 2004 - 2019 guyver47
Yes you are seeing correctly XD this was done entirely with colored pencils. :) This is what Guyver47 would look like if she were a werewolf type of creature. She can shapeshift, so she wouldn't look like a natural were. She is dominantly mixed of wolf and tiger, and with characteristics of a doberman, caracal, lion and dragon (1%).
Yes, she is a "she" in this even though she doesn't have huge jugs. I wanted to give her a sunken in ribcage look.
This was done on 8.5 x 11 printer paper in prismacolor colored pencils, some prismacolor marker and a tiny bit of a fine .005 staedtler ink pen to bring the ends of her hair into sharp singular strands. This took about 10 hours stretched over 3 days *__*
The real image colors look more rich and my scanner was unable to really do the damn drawing justice. XD
I'm very proud :3

View progress scans here:
Scan 1 - [link]
Scan 2 - [link]
Scan 3 - [link]
Scan 4 - [link]

Guyver47 © Alicia Boros 2004
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dmaa88Hobbyist Digital Artist
Beautiful, yet fierce
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MottenfestHobbyist Traditional Artist
very very nice composition especially accented with the coloring!
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Beautiful! Reminds me of one I've been trying to get right...I haven't been able to get the features right yet...

Very muscular, but still very feminine. The ones who say that chicks need breast's need their brains examined.
One thing though: what are ya holding? I'm assuming this is a version of you...
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guyver47Hobbyist Traditional Artist
I'm 50/50 on that. Breasts are feminine, but again in the animal kingdom gender is based off size and colors XD so...... I'm cool with boobs. I like a mix. I don't draw all six breasts/nipples on anthros though (or however many there are) XD It just looks weird to me.
G47 has psychic and telekenetic powers that she was born with. This is how she shape-shifts as well. She's kinda cradling a little force of energy in her paw. I could made it look better in Photoshop compared to colored pencils XD
^______^ Thank you for commenting too!
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Tis no problem, 'Sides I happen to like shapeshifters seeing as how my main character is one, though his method is different.
Hmm, gonna have to draw 'im again when I get his markings straight.
Besides I agree with ya.

I figure having comments for your pics is always nice.
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Thats very cool with colored pencils. X3 nice job, its really good. :)
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Secchione Writer

i think this is one of the best ones yet

although she looks a little cat like I still really like it
her wings are awesome but her tail and stomach look a little off
but still awesome


keep up the incredible work
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...nose looks a little off... and it looks a little too hard-bodied to be a female, and by that I'm refering to the pectorals and perhaps the hips.... the hips look a little too big.

....Wow. I actually did a constructive crit. ._.'

I'm still impressed with this, of course.
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You´re gonna kill me one day
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lunareklipzeStudent Photographer this is what i call talent...hahaha, and the patience (i bet) to be able to color it to this great a style :D
Very, very good...probably one of your best yet :)

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completly awesome!!!
i love your use of color!!!

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Ah! lovely!
call me old fashioned, but I still prefer the look of real-media illustrations over CG, if they're well done... and this certainly is!
¡Guyver47 es muy bonita! and... I don't remember much foreign language, that's probably wrong. Randomness!
And there's certainly nothing wrong with small jugs. She'd be a more efficient predator that way anyhow, and she does look rather predatory ;P
Great work!
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fancia Writer
Wow... o.o This looks absolutely amazing.
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now that is some artistic beauty. I think you did a wonderful job on this. never called.....I was sad.....I even called your cell and left a message....and waited till like 1:35 and then I just left.
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Man, that's awesome. I like the repetition you've used with the different patterns in the fur and sky. :nod:
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RipItUpGenkiHobbyist General Artist
love the detail. awesome job!! :cute:
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Nifty. Beautifull... but such an odd pose. =P Your work's amazing. Meh... I wish I could maintain a dark tone with the color pencils I have but they all seem too brite. Even black. x.x
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Now THAT'S what i call art!
Beautifully and high-quality work indeed! I love the deep-blue color of the bg almost in the bottom! And the char and her pose are so dynamic and alive - great work! (imo the best for this moment. waiting for the avp pic though ^^")
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i hate the scanners...they always mess the colors -_-;;

that is some seriously impressive artwork. i just gotta :+fav: ^^ andyou SHOULD be proud. you have a gift....and may i say she looks hot? :blush:

keep up the good work!

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soulspoisonProfessional General Artist
wooohooo! were-guyver rockz! very awesome job! :D
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rossridersHobbyist General Artist
Awesome job, I wish I could say more, it's just, well it's awesome.
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I love the sheer amount of detail you pour into your alter ego.

She is gorgeous. o.o;

Not to mention time well spent. :D
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