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Guyver in oil pastels

I simply love the Guyver data 12 poster I have, along with the two DVD's of the episodes. MUAHAHA!
Did this for a project, and an ok grade because my teacher hates anime. :) (Smile) NYaa!!
I love the guyver but have very few drawings of the actual guyvers. Shame on me.

Guyver © Yoshiki Takaya 1995

Art by Guyver47 2003
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© 2003 - 2021 guyver47
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this is fantastic and your teacher is stupid!
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Thank you :)

and I agree! lol
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Guyver rocks! Nice drawing!
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Damn! freaking nice as nice can freaking be...and yeah everytime i see Sho/Guyver walk thru Derzerbs Flame like that i always have to say it looks Badass XDD
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I have a poster of this exact image and he indeed does look really awesome and tough ^__^ Glad you like this, and thank you for the comment *grins* :thanks:
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awesome work!, i do have those dvds...........
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I love this. This is wonderfull i love the detail and i love the background OMG this is deff a fave
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Kick ass it's Guyver 1!! Damn, I need to get thoughs DVDs! Anyway Great pic :D (Big Grin)
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Great work!
That's dumb that the teacher gave you an "ok" grade simply cause he/she hates anime... grading should be done on the over all quality and not the style preferences of the teacher.
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woah...nice detail!
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