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Ornyxleafge - Rowlet Final Fakevolution!



That shading was a pain in the a-- and still not very happy with it... Sweating a little...  anyways, i keep the colors of Rowlet because I really like that combination.
Ornyxleafge from Ornimegalonyx, Leaf and Age.

Sharp-Feathers Pokémon.

Grass/Flying type.

Hidden Ability - Stereopsis: All moves used by the owner cannot miss, even when it is asleep, in triple battles can hit any foe regardless of user position.

Signature Move - Leaf Knife (Physical Type): Attack with multiple sharpened feathers, despite being a Grass-type move, the damage dealt is actually a combination of Grass and Flying type with a base power of 75, it has a high critical hit ratio.

Cirgler - Pooplio Final Fakevolution!

Tiggnient - Litten Final Fakevolution!
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Rowlet's final evolution will be inspired for DC's Green Arrow and Classic fairy tales Robin Hood