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Cirggler - Popplio Final Fakevolution!



Not a radical change from Popplio, just tried to keep it simple and make him kinda funny looking. (Updated)
Cirggler from Circus and Juggler.

Seal-Juggler Pokémon.

Water/Fairy type.

Hidden Ability: Strong Cloak: Receive 30% less damage from foe moves.

Signature Move: Spherical Bubbles (Special): A dual-type attack (water-fairy), user hits the target with throwing big water bubbles three times in a row with a base power of 30, each strike made has an equal chance to be a critical hit.

Ornyxleafge - Rowlet Final Fakevolution!

Tiggnient - Litten Final Fakevolution!
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This is one of my favorites!!!