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Alola Crobat



Crobat is by far (along with Furret and Suicune) one of my favorite Pokemon, even when i like a lot the Poison Type my favorite is the Dark Type, so i join them and also tried to make it looks a little bit more "sharpen".

Type: Dark/Flying
Ability: Bloodsucker - When the user performs a contact move his HP is restored by fourth part of the damage taken by the target.

Aka “Little Demons of Alola”, tend to be a lot smaller than his common variant, evolve with low happiness (under 70) at night, unlike the common Crobat they tend to use more often his fangs to attack and not their limbs as they are a bit weaker, but much faster, the people of Alola put warning signs in the routes for those who venture at night in the woods or caves, which is when they are most active to steal the blood of the unwary!
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