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Doctor Who emote!!!!

if you dont know about doctor who then [link] and [link]
as always, the doctor survives a perilously close encounter with a slow moving dalek :D

this took 6 hours to do (omg whats wrong with my life), half of that was making the tardis and dalek look right, the rest was animating and a lot of time spent moving the dalek 1 frame to the right...

made in fireworks
206 frames
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This is so funny.  Caught it when the Dalek was just departing the screen.  Very good.  Thank you.
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:squee: ALONS-Y or GERONEMO :squee: 
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mowmow7|Student General Artist
Tenth Doctor's Sonic Screwdriver Emoticon 
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Vanessanon|Professional Writer
This is AWESOME!!! :iconveryexcitedplz:
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Lost-Our-Dreams|Student Digital Artist
can u use it?
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Ddraigtanto|Professional Writer
I just find it's funny that the doc gets attacked by a dalek, and goes back in time to just before he got attacked by a dalek. :D
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WarmWishes|Student General Artist
Heh he!
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Phantomgirl96|Student Digital Artist
He needs hair. Either David hair, or Matt hair. :D
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Erzenge1|Professional Photographer
i love it!!!!
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XD i love this icon
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this is awesome! Good job
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The doctor doesn't run from daleks! Awesome, though :D :D :D :D :D :D :D
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I love that it takes him a good long moment to notice the Dalek.
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They really are slow, aren't they?
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That is like so freaking epic you don't even know!
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Lol :XD:
this is great!
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it's awesome!
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Nicely done!
It's definitely a +fav, because a numberous reasons. First. It got a really nice flow to it, although there ain't as much whiteness on the window and seems like the note is missing, ( BUT I only realised that most likely cause I've had a bit of Dr Who marathon's and am a biiit brainwashed LOL! Got Season 4 left + 1 episode of season 3, and the soon to come x-mas special...and the old series XD (oi, chanses are I've become a fangirl as well. oh dear). Either way, It's definitely a +fav, cause it had me smirk as well :p
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Oh gosh that is just FANTASTIC! The detail is marvelous, but the whole idea is just epically giggleworthy. Thanks for sharing!

*snurches to keep in her own private gallery of awesome for later admiration*
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