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MxM RP intro, Dom required, 18+ Bondage. "Grrmmph, ughmfh". Jason groaned in frustration and agony as he continued struggling to free himself from the tape wrapped around his body, which he had done in the last ten-fifteen minutes. But it was no use. Whoever his kidnapper was had ensured he wasn't going anywhere. The young man was just chilling by the park where he'd usually hang out, listening to whatever tunes were on his iPhone. Whoever the person was, must've seen it as an opportunity to grab him from behind, before dragging him behind some bushes where a white van was parked nearby. Despite his protests and struggles, Jason was no match for the guy's strength, seemingly having no problem restraining and pinning him down onto the ground hard, knocking the wind out of him. As soon as he tried to yell for help, he felt a gloved hand grab his jaw as a rolled up material was stuffed into his mouth, muffling his cries for help, followed by a roll of thick, gorilla tape being wrapped around the bottom of his head several times until it was certain that the material wouldn't leave his mouth. Whenever the boy tried to get up and run away, the stranger was swift to grab him by the legs and slide him back underneath him, pressing his knees against Jason's back to pin him down into place. Jason cried out in pain when feeling his wrists being tightly grabbed and held tightly into place behind his back, followed by more of the same tape being wrapped around, in between and over his wrists to ensure that he couldn't use his fingers to pick or escape from the tape. It was as if his hands were covered in mittens, only made out by extremely sticky tape. Next were his ankles, knees and upper chest, to ensure his arms were pinned to is side and prevent him from walking away. At this point Jason could only lay on the ground and squirm as he felt his brand new sneakers get removed from his feet. Either the guy wanted them for himself or just as a precaution to prevent him from escaping...which was the most likely case. Desperately, Jason tried once more to cry out for help, hoping someone would pass by and hear him, but he was too far away from anyone else to hear as he found himself being lifted up with ease over the guy's shoulder before being placed inside the back of the white van, which was empty, had white and grey metal floor and walls with no windows or lights. No matter how much he struggled and protested, Jason was placed on the floor of the cold, metal floor, struggling to sit up as he watched the van doors closed, followed by a locking sound. Desperate to get out of there, Jason tried pressing his body up against the doors, sitting on his bound knees as he tried yelling and banging his shoulder against them, but as soon as the van started to move, the boy couldn't balance as he felt himself fall onto his side. The journey felt like forever as the poor boy was left in pitch black, feeling his body roll and slide around the floor, trying to yell and bang his bound feet against one of the van's walls, but it was no. No one could hear him or knew where he was. He dropped his phone during the moment he was snatched, having no idea if anyone would retrieve or if it had been destroyed. Soon enough the boy was feeling tired as he laid still against the uncomfortable floor, wondering to himself what is the possible reason for his abduction? Jason wasn't from any wealthy family as far as he knew. Sure, they lived well, but were not millionaires. He had never been a troublesome boy. He was always well mannered, worked hard and made friends. He wasn't the sort of person to get onto a fight or cause anyone to have a grudge against him. The more he thought about it, the more disturbing thoughts came to mind. Such as organ harvesting, a serial killed or trafficking. Would he ever see his family again? Would anyone know he was missing? Was this going to be his last remaining hours before meeting death's door? Tears started to well up in his eyes as he thought about the haunting possibilities of his fate. Soon enough, the van's movement slowed down and came to a complete stop, followed by the sound of a door opening and shutting. Still laying on his side, though trying to sit himself up, Jason watched with uncertainly and fear as he heard the doors unlock before opening....
Any Male Dom for a Submissive Male? 
interested  what do you look for in siuations
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My commissions are open :) I draw character designs, illustrations, pin-up, kinky stuff like BDSM & bondage, also nudity (no genitalia). In-depth commission sheet is linked in my bio.
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