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Silent Hill Complete Map

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This is my complete map of Silent Hill, Encompassing almost all areas visited in the games.

I started working on this more than 3 years ago, working off the higher res images from SH2, and just recently regained interest and set out to finish it. I tried to stay as faithful to the original work created by Team Silent as much as possible, but had to improvise in certain areas.

The largest discrepancy you will notice is that Riverside Dr. now replaces Bachman Rd. as i have always felt it didn't make much sense for it to be on both the left and right side of a river in 2 different maps, whether Team Silent made a mistake or not we will probably never know.
I noticed Thorcx made a creative solution to that dilemma and i applaud him for it, I guess it's up to the fans to decide which one they believe to be correct.
Bachman road still leads to Lake Side as implied in the game, so in the end everything works out.

As far as I'm aware this is the largest and most detailed map of Silent Hill on the web or anywhere, so enjoy and if you find any inconsistencies, missing/unmarked buildings, pet peeves etc or just have suggestions feel free to comment or email me and I will update the map as needed.

Update: Changed the fonts in the northern half to match the originals, fixed a few things and added the compass to help disoriented travelers.
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Awesome! Love your great input!
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Oh great! I was looking for a detailed full map of Silent Hill! Thanx^^
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Sweet SH2 memories.
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THANK YOOOOOOOOOOOOOOUUUUUUUUUUU!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!
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I really love it and hope you release an updated version as this one is just soooo out of date and missing way to much =(
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This'll make navigating through this hellhole a breeze. Now I know where I am. Thank you. (just a joke lol) :+fav:
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I so want to buy this as a print to frame
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Like it! Love it! Favouriting it!

Would you consider doing a Shepherds Glen map at some point?
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Did you wrote the "Brookhaven Hospital" on the map too?
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Very nice! I will need a map of Silent Hill when I make my comics taking place there.
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I must say I adore this. I've been working on a full minecraft version of the town (which makes me feel like I have no life) and this has been the most useful resource for me. Thank you for this little bit of awesome. :)
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I have a more up to date version of this map that I feel could be of use to you guys now I'm not trying to spam you guys or anything but this maps been out of date for a while and I just want to help my fellow Silent fans.
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I truly believe you should rework this. I understand where you were coming from, but I dont think you should have extrapolated the link from Central Silent Hill to Resort Àrea the way you have and mess with Team Silent`s map. I believe it is much more plausible that the river simply bends to the SW a bit before going to the lake, thus letting Bachman Road going over it to being on both sides. Why would Lisa tell harry that there is only the one road to get to the lake (Bachman), if Riverside also led you there, especially since with your map, Riverside would have been the closer choice from the hospital. So I think you should try making a new one, where it is the river that curves, not Bachman road.
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I agree with all your points, my logic was flawed at the time concerning Bachman road and by the time I realized it I'd lost the drive and free time to amend it. I appreciate all the feedback and support, maybe someday here I'll dust off the old photoshop files and update it, unfortunately I haven't kept up with the games after origins, so my knowledge of all the new areas and changes is limited :(
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I plan on recreating the town of Silent Hill in Minecraft. This is going to be a great help.
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Serious work, escpecially North Silent Hill (!)
Thanks you VERY much.
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click me to see the REAL complete map with downpour too!
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