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Noone seems to watch me,
as i settle in the dark,
contemplating the day's thoughts,
its many pains and treasons,
And letting them dissolve around me;
they never really mattered,
how could they,
in such a realm, of so many arrogant truths,
and no real perception outside of the common self,
just selfish pleasures hidden in doublethink,
which I, in the darkness, choose to overcome,
as I enlighten myself through open-minded will,
just looking within mind, for a place of undeniable peace,
unbreakable by time, nor by sorrow,
unyielding to death,
as I settle in the darkness of my space,
as they delve into petty dramas, without me...
:iconguy-hitori:Guy-Hitori 0 2
Rain\'s Random monotony,
falling upon me,
as I walk down the street,
peering at grim eternity,
whose gaze, so stern, so stark, so sullen,
pierces me, making me quiet, yet quaint,
disclosing something of me, something furtive of mine,
for noone to notice,
for noone to see,
(for noone cares to,
for noone ever will,)
just as is fated, just as is willed,
as I amble headlong down the street,
alone, once more peering, at grim eternity...
:iconguy-hitori:Guy-Hitori 0 3
Temporal passage
As time passes,
--and I finish more works,
--and eeach one feels more the same;
I feel more the same,
--and just as uninspired,
--and with each work, more and more dead inside,
As less new words come to mind,
--and less new ideas,
--and less inventiveness,
And I feel more dead inside,
--and less unique,
--and less ingenious,
And I feel less like me...
:iconguy-hitori:Guy-Hitori 0 1
Bloodlust_2- Tea + Bloodlust
Jade Nectar poured from the kettle,
reenacting the engagement
of a most respected rite;
A sip of glistening tea,
preceding a line of dripping crimson,
flowing from my wrist to my elbow,
Eyes, so hungry, rejoice in the seeing it,
as does mu soul, peering its evils into organic streams-
lapped up to finish the catharsis:
a victory, for myself, against myself,
----------against the body, for the soul,
----------against the chaos, yet absolutely for it;
A taste of short-lasting peace and purity...
:iconguy-hitori:Guy-Hitori 0 0
Bloodlust_1- Angst + Bloodlust
Forsake my soul,
as do all others;
Wring my spirit,
'til it be pulp;
It's all that I've ever been,
the pain you 'flict against me;
No longer resisting I'm beginning to rejoice
in the angst, my soul wades through;
Soon, it becomes a greedy fancy,
relishing in pain,
something to call my own- Bloodlust…
:iconguy-hitori:Guy-Hitori 0 0
Farewell to pain-
I will hurt you, no more;
Farewell to life,
for apathy shall fill the red stream beside me;
Feel no more,
of anything- what I\'ve always wished for;
Eyes unclosing,
as I watch you pass me, uncaring;
Breath dissipating,
as the heavens take me, as the heavens destroy me,
Farewell to me,
as all bad eras end, and golden ones begin...
:iconguy-hitori:Guy-Hitori 0 3
Beautiful Silence
Too much noise
surrounds the plaintive one,
as he deciphers each note and chord,
and deams their imposed meanings so dry,
and worthless, as noise always tends to be;
just as the facades that they cause the light to reflect,
truly reflecting the internals of minds,
keeping themselves away from the truths of eternity-
which exists everywhere uniformly,
but hidden into the mildest of whispers by the self-justifying cries of humanity,
in which the plaintive one, the silent one listens beyond, finding the first rung of many into the eternal depths;
All false sounds dissipating definitely- all fellow sensory facades following;
The plaintive one discovers placidity- the plaintive one discovers eternity...within death;
:iconguy-hitori:Guy-Hitori 1 2
My Shadow
I sit quietly, in the shadowed corner of your realm,
just observing, perceiving, taking it all in,
knowing better than to step into the light
where notice may be taken, and faults, pointed out,
exposing me, in lights untrue;
negative observations building towards my presence, as I forge my way back to my true light,
my true realm, the shadow I call home, in the corner of your realm,
where you can no longer see me, because you no longer want to-
as if you ever did...
:iconguy-hitori:Guy-Hitori 1 3
Bad Luck
Fate drives me down, everytime I may,
though I try, though I trust
whatever I can, whatever might work;
But never, all at once, do my fates sleep,
for of the purest evil, conjured are they;
So toy with my soul, ravishing relentlessly,
until time ends, and me, too...forever...
:iconguy-hitori:Guy-Hitori 0 1
Of the end...
Do you see me-
a dead man among zombies?
Forsaken death hoping to find his phoenix,
as lifeless, static forms, surrounding, push me under-
afraid of my dynamism, the only part still alive, hidden deep inside,
where no one will ever find, probably until it, too, dies,
as it's started to, a little portion, fleeting every day,
taking with it, bits of old, stricken hope, never to live again…
:iconguy-hitori:Guy-Hitori 1 8
Hopeless Sorrow...
What am I?
Simply, the anthem of the Dead,
a mask, revealing death, in life,
revealing passions of love and pain,
but most of all, sorrow,
the hope that flows most valantly amongst the other dead,
the hope that's lost to the world,
now, so fruitless, yet so honored-
wears the emblems of an old king, and tries to forget that he's lost his throne,
forgotten it in life; hope only lies in death now...
:iconguy-hitori:Guy-Hitori 2 5
such an item of sorrow;
guiding one to the shallowest view of pleasure;
forming for one, illogical griefs,
as ones take joy in your alienation,
as their ruler, the universal simplicity, of a culture, damns man with unruly compliances,
forcing ones to hate themselves, forcing some to take themselves;
only maintained by the stupidity of man, still searching for universal youth, still looking for universal beauty;
even when all it does is seperate, isolate, further demeaning our diminishing cultures;
Still perusing for universal truth, but never finding, what is impossible---
---every view is different,
there is no Universal...
(...It's in the Perception of the Peruser.)
:iconguy-hitori:Guy-Hitori 1 2
Float on...
Float around in words of old,
Float around in thoughts of past,
to relive passions long dead,
failures and obstacles, long gone,
reading my evolution backwards,
as I track further back,
to find myself eager,
a form ago, full of expectations and joy,
who becomes me again,
until I finish and see
how hopeless I've become,
how life is so harsh,
how pathetically apathetic I've tried to be
as blow after blow has ruined me,
and led me to here, to the present,
old and ill, beyond my time,
past my prime; nowhere to go,
but somewhat resolved, already at peace,
and ready to leave this world, no longer useful…
:iconguy-hitori:Guy-Hitori 0 1
Cuddle... have her on my lap,
'gainst my chest,
clinging so softly,
careing so deeply,
looking into her light, wonderous eyes,
caressing her soft, pale skin,
giving me hope to go on;
giving me the power to spread my wings
   as if to wrap around her and... hold her there forever...
:iconguy-hitori:Guy-Hitori 4 12
...So Open.
- So Open,
I leave myself exposed;
- Leaving me without control,
Everyone can see right through;
- But noone can find me true,
They see the outer false, and look no more;
- So I expose myself even more,
and let the masses vex me deeper;
- To hope that one may see through the mess,
and find within, the beauty, the truth.
:iconguy-hitori:Guy-Hitori 0 8
I just thought, looking at you,
- maybe, things just aren't that bad,
I don't need anyone else,
- around you, I don't feel so sad,
I don't feel so mad,
- everything may seem okay (if just for a moment),
You've been what I've waited for,
- a reason to not give up (if only for a moment),
A release to my senses, a valve to my heart,
- a sense of new beginnings.
:iconguy-hitori:Guy-Hitori 0 10

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