Ghost In The Shell Painting Process
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Painting process in a nutshell for the ghostintheshell piece. You can see some drastic changes especially in the starting segments to help the illustration take shape. With the theme of Identity, the 2 sides of Major needed to be more distinct, both meaningfully and in composition.

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InvokerF|Student Digital Artist
so cool!!!!
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SakasuDasuto|Hobbyist Digital Artist
I use the same photoshop version as you and when I see your art I realise how crappy mine is xD
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awesomefaith14|Hobbyist General Artist
super cool
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KGArtDesign|Professional Digital Artist
Well done 
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Barttik|Hobbyist Artist
Well, i just found You, and all arts crushing my mind so u need to take responsibility and teach me!!! xD i just start on tablet :D
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Quirkilicious|Professional Digital Artist
Coooool, you often work from grayscale?
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Cat-Sock|Hobbyist Traditional Artist
They need to make an Akira reboot...
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Raszagalex|Hobbyist Traditional Artist
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robepate|Hobbyist Digital Artist
Hi guweiz amazing work !!! are you still active in Patron because i'd like to buy some of your tutorial ? Thank you
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That is freaking amazing!!
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KaleDGhoul|Hobbyist Traditional Artist
Thank you so very much, looking forward to this one! Love ya!
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Oooh, cool! (ノ ・ヮ・)ノ
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Energony|Hobbyist Digital Artist
Bless your art, it's so amazing °v°
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