Commissions are CLOSED (for now)!

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when will the commissions open again?  :cries:
Hello, just wondering when you'll be reopening your commissions? Love your work and what you do, keep it up! 💞
ChaosKillerX7's avatar
Hello! Love your artwork, would love to know when you're reopening your commissions! 
CaptainXenolove's avatar
Hi there, please let me know if you're going to open your commissions again! <3
ThE-TarNIshEd's avatar
Need your art for my characters in my life. I hope I snag a spot when you open up again! :)
Xonadive's avatar
I too hope commissions are open again soon!
Rare-Imaging's avatar
I must. get comm
-prep stalk mode- 
MahiSenpai's avatar
I hope commissions are Open again soon!
I have a character idea I really want to see drawn by you ;_;
cewilson5's avatar
Are commissions still available??
davidjson's avatar
Hope you got my reply e-mail for the request!
Zerop11's avatar
Still open? 0w0
Rokatsu's avatar
Only paypal *cries forever* Well I wish you luck XD You know you can turn points to money right?
despicablethem's avatar
How long is this open for?
And how long can we expect a commission to take?
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Im taking commissions for another month or so. As for the duration, it varies depending on complexity. As a general guide it will maximally take 2 weeks~
despicablethem's avatar
Alright then.
I'll get back to you in one or two weeks, once I put together some disposable income.
How exactly is the best way to to convey to you details and how we want the picture to look in the end? What is the best way that you take direction and grasp the images that we have in our heads? How should we put things/what should we say? How should we say it?
GUWEIZ's avatar
Just simply describe what you require? E.g. character appearance like hair color and length etc, what kind of additional accessories or clothing is she wearing. Anything you want to describe really. At best you can send some reference images as well.
Essentially the more the better? 0.o
arkeis-pokemon's avatar
I'd like one, but do you only draw girls? I don't see any guys in your gallery.
GUWEIZ's avatar
I tend to draw girls more, so far i've mostly only done sketches in terms of guys.
arkeis-pokemon's avatar
Okay, so if I commissioned a male character, could you still do it?
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