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....Or Kiss-Shot Acerola-Orion Heart-under-Blade! :heart:

It was a really fun fanart to paint, especially since I was trying out some soft lighting techniques!

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P.s. I actually originally wanted to draw small Shinobu~ =P
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GUWEIZ's Kiss-shot : Check
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oh noes 
wheress the doughnut 
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Shinobu - born from death
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This is really nice! :D
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awesome work~! i cant wait to see the movie with her and her figure looks amazing~! would it be alright to have this in my group? :iconunknownyetwonderful:
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This is insane. I hate to compare you to KR0NPR1NZ but you two have extremely close styles. Maybe one of you learned from another or both from eachother but either way, you both are really good at what you do. 

It really makes me smile when I see similarities between artists. So cool.
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She so needs to dye her hair black with that dress.
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Woah..! Stunning!
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Gorgeous <3 Your work is gorgeous...
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Incredible stuff, she looks really pretty!
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