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Had some weird urge to draw some armor!

Now you can get this picture in full 3k size with process steps and 7 page long tutorial on my Patreon! + a lot more stuffs!
Read more about it here:

Hello friends! Your support has been so important to me on Deviantart over these years and I always feel bad for not being able to really interact with everyone too much other than just posting works. With Patreon, I'll be able to dedicate more time to creating tutorials and process guides to share with all of you.
If you would like to support me and help me do what I love, please do consider becoming my patron. I will be eternally grateful! :heart:

I've just started a Twitter account so I can have a platform to post stuff (and rant) more frequently!
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Wow. Did you have any inspiration from grace a character from vainglory?
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I look at your draws and I think you're like Hayao Miyazaki: your art is full of precious and stronger women. It's wonderful.
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Like DAAAAAMN! This drawing has that Little extra that really makes the character pop.
It's amazing, but I think it could do without the tiara.  Maybe if she had nothing on her head and was holding a helmet?
The picture is called "knight", after all.  I don't think too many of them wore tiaras :D
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Girls don't need helmets, fashion and good looks is more important for fantasy.
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I like this work so much !Very nice work Guwe
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+1 for proper breastplate without a boob window or an exposed midriff. Not even boob-shaped, breastbone breaking chest armor either!  I do believe that qualifies for +2!   xD
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Woah... Amazing, detailed, and beautiful....
As usual. ;) :D
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Awesome, a female knight with practical armor!Wink/Razz 
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"Alright people, yesterday we covered how to stow your equipment in preparation for combat. Today, we will start you off on actual combat, starting with a simple unit-the Knight! You get that you lousy rabble?"

"Sir yes Sir!"

"Right. Now here's your first lesson boys-aim for the glowy bits! 'Cause the glowy bits are magic and magic protection is good for stopping just about any kind of attack on a Knight except for the magic itself! So if you can, hit the glowy bit because the magic will go wonky and that oh-so-dangerous knight in hulking armour is gonna be missing a few vital components-such as the knight's brain, though that's debatable, given that they became Knights instead of soldiers! Am I right lads?"

"Sir yes Sir!"

"Good! Now that we've got the basics cleared, let's go on to lesson two-don't get hit by that big sharp knife a knight generally drags around! Also, when getting close to hit the glowy bits, don't ignore the fucking shield! Everybody ignores the shield their first time and most don't get a second time, so now, before we get onto lesson number three, let's practice lesson number two. Cadet Pisshter!"


"For sniggering during lesson one, you get to have the first go at lesson two! Matilda over there is 200 kilos of pissed off warrior that just happens to be a knight! She's volunteered to kick the shit out of you all! You, Pisshter, have just volunteered to be the first! If you don't move in five seconds, you're cleaning the infirmary's latrine with your tongue for dinner tonight! Am I clear Cadet Pisshter?"

"Uh, yessir!"

"No I am not, 'coz you're not moving cadet Pisshter! FIVE SECONDS STARTING NOW! HUP HUP HUP!"
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I would like to thank thee for such a grand piece of art to be created. If thou wishes to draw more then I say "Yay" to thee decision, for it shall bring warmth to thy cold cold heart.
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wow, this is awesome :)
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Niiiice stuff!<3
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wow! she is looks incredible i love the lighting. so does this noble knight have a name
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beautiful! I love that flare motif that you got going =3
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Very nice work!
Why is this not a character in a show xC i Love it!
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Wow! Seems like everybody else noticed immediately as well; I love the lighting/shadows!
Amazing lighting effects!
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