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Little grey riding hood! I find that starting with a value sketch can be very powerful in getting the contrast down properly! This time I was going for slightly more cinematic feel, vs the usual dead-centre-ish composition~

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Wow, It's incredible! :heart:

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MacpulitoNew Deviant

Eres genial...

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What a masterpiece!

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Incredible artwork :clap:

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rickystahHobbyist Artist

instant fan here, i love your art style, really nice artwork!!!!

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Urrr hübsch
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Setting up this account is for this picture.
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Awesome work
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Hi? I was impressed by your painting. I want to use your pictures on YouTube music broadcasts. This is a non-profit broadcast. I need your permission. I will introduce you to your website link. Would you excuse me?

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hey my name is ichsan, I am a novelist, I ask your permission to use your image, I will also include your name and your deviantart link, sorry for my ignorance, because I have used your image on the webnovel, if you allow, I will still use it, if not, I'll change it soon,, I got it in alphacoder without the author's name, until finally, I found another image, which was almost the same, I was impressed with your painting, then I realized the guweiz, which made it all. You can reply at any time, thank you very much
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I think I see a balance of culture here. The rough necklace of wolves teeth(?) with the slim silver head chain and tiny, but ornate, charm. Head chain = coronet? Seems she is participating in a coming-of-age event...that might have gone terribly wrong. Face paint = tribal markings? She may have been found by a tribal people and they took her in. Then there's the facial expression...flat, emotionless. Like she's looking at an object or location that is vaguely familiar.
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Looks like Xayah
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Very cool, Looks like a perfect character portrait for a game, for a Ranger or rogue type character.
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soooo nice Picture ;) love it!
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ShadowKittin23Hobbyist General Artist
This is gorgeous!
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IzzieUnikittyHobbyist General Artist
stunning X3 You make such beautiful and amazing art <3
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very nice work
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jsolaHobbyist Digital Artist
This is very good!
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alethebranchHobbyist Digital Artist
Wow, love this!
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man would love to have it as a background if it was a live wallpaper
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this was my wallpaper for a looooong time , and i mean by long time like over 6months , really good job man !!!
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...this picture tells a tale, and her eyes give away deep troublesome thoughts that may have been plaguing her the last few days.  she started off with a much larger party, but now she remains the only one left.  beaten physically, mentally and emotionally she looks within for strength, doubting if she has it within her to continue.
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