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Armor practice. I drew some knight character so long ago and it looks really terrible now>.>
Knight by GUWEIZ
I thought I would try to improve a little since I like the medieval idea~ As usual no story or anything fancy, but I recorded the process and hopefully I'll get to editing it a bit soon.

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Very pretty. Is that rain or is it something just for effect?

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excellent work!

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So Beautiful x4
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armor girls are a blessing

and thus you are one who has blessed us
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Why Greyhound as a title?

Hi? I was impressed by your painting. I want to use your pictures on YouTube music broadcasts. This is a non-profit broadcast. I need your permission. I will introduce you to your website link. Would you excuse me?

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I love this one.
Longer I look at it, the more details I notice.

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Keep up the good work :D 
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How do I download this in Full HD? 
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aaaaaaaaaaaaaand it's my new wallpaper
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I think the way your did the rain is marvelous. Super cool piece. 
Watched how you drew this on Youtube. Great work!
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looks like  Millay from suikoden tactics. . . . . sweet
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absolutely love her. she looks a lot like my medieval crusader warrior character and how she would look if I had moar skill :/
looks real nice.
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Who is this character?
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Cool Art! I feel compelled to use the word Excellent. (No pressure.)
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Wow, I look beautiful ¡¡good Work!!
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so beautiful! x3
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