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New glasses, feat. Catbus' long lost cousin, salescat.

Also experimenting with techniques to draw buildings better~

Recent works~
Spirited Away by GUWEIZEscape by GUWEIZCommute by GUWEIZHood by GUWEIZ

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I am really liking this character. ( although the first picture of her was a bit too blurry for my tastes.) As I work through your gallery from oldest to newest, I am enjoying seeing her. I guess the giant cat is a spiritual animal like Cat bus?

I am quite curious about her world now.

Like is she walking in our world and seeing spirits that are invisible to us?

Is she walking through a street in a spirit world?

Is she in a world where Giant Cats have been tamed and used as pack animals? ( I keep expecting there is a merchant just off camera to the right to take money from customers.)

I'm sure you don't have any real answers to these questions. But they are fun questions for me to think about.

I finally found you by some serious luck man, I got this masterpiece from a random wallpaper app in google play, where they dont even put any details or credits who's the creator of such beauty! (btw I found the link of your previous pic, from NB music's latest video if u are wondering how and why I'm calling it a serious luck!) Aside everything! I just wanted to say GOOD WORK MAN! you've got some talent and great imagination keep it up <3 ^_^ 
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I liked this one so much because of the glasses
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This looks like something from Samurai Champloo :) very nice work!
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I love the big kitty in the background.
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I love this piece. She is gorgeous (especially the glasses.) :D (Big Grin) Your work is amazing. Great job!

(I saw this piece in a youtube music video and they credited your account. I am glad I followed the link.)
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Fantastic artwork, perfect
foxcora's avatar
she looks a lot like Sarada Uchiha
joeballs187's avatar
I wana put this on my wall
enmesarra's avatar
O.O Gorgeous beyond words!
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Your work is fantastic.

I especially enjoy how well you've captured the weather in this piece.
janvill's avatar
such amazing art style.:)
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A giant cat, sexy samurai woman, and killer art skill.
I can't take it!!
rokenboy's avatar
What program you use ?
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Seriously awesome!
n2n44's avatar
u killed me with this one , i love it :)
PleaseImJustaGirl's avatar
 Ahhhh Oki Neko Ney
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Man, you always make those reds and oranges pop in your pieces. :heart:
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