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Firefly Process

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Please check out my Patreon for the full version of these steps complete with a writeup!

Support me on Patreon so I can make more of these steps, plus full-length tutorials!

Thank you all for your support! ♥
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Would she be a princess?!
Now i was curious to know the result
Azto's avatar
Her neck is long. Nice art tho.
MeiMei-KaiTen's avatar
Such nice motion and feeling! Beautiful!
DrakoniZevaris's avatar
i cant click on your facebook link!
A-Merry-Kat's avatar
This is really beautiful and amazing... it's incredible to see the process, just your ideas. :D
step 1 draw circle
step 2 draw the fucking rest of it
wow thanks i learned so FUCKING much
SeasideDreamer's avatar
"Please check out my Patreon for the full version of these steps complete with a writeup!"

=_= try reading. 
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Actually it seems good enough. It shows that he goes front-end objects first, then background, opposite to many artists and what is written in many books. Also you can see his sketches, to what detail are they + in genera the coloring steps he takes :) Its not like there isn't information, its just that you might need more of it personally ^^ 
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It's not a tutorial jerk, it's just a demonstration of the process. No one's trying to teach anything.
dinare8's avatar
I think he ment, that with those "tutorials" we always see a lot about the painting process but the lineart is always skipped and that's usually the difficult part for a lot of people. 
But how about telling it nicely, without swearwords?

Sorry for bad English, Frenchie.
I love the drawing and I think it was a good decision that you changed her Outfit to a more casual one, it really suits the scenery like this! Love it! :heart:
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fucking awesome
myjerart's avatar
NeoThePancake's avatar
Looks like Max from LIS xD
Di1e's avatar
wow just wow! I have no words :o
Samash24's avatar
dude, you should upload mor raw sketches, they look so damn lovely
GUWEIZ's avatar
It's kind of a late reply, but I do upload them on my twitter sometimes :D
Tulip3030's avatar
First thing I thought was Max from Life is Strange. Beautiful picture though! :D
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