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"Did I... have to kill them? Why can't they... just let us go?"- SBJ 09

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Neon always looks better in the rain. Nice work cowboy!

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Wow this is a really interesting piece! The character's expression is so touching. 
Whoever sees this fund me on…  trying to make an animating channel on yt
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Incredibly evocative. Gorgeous. 
It reminds me of Welcome to Night Vale!
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it's so nice 
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I love your work so much that I want to attempt to try to do digital painting myself, but I don't know anything about the issue. Do you know where I can learn?
And where should I start?
PS: I can't draw either. T T
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Sorry, i'm not the one you wanted to answer, but still U_U

First up, even if you know how to draw, digital painting is a totally different thing, so it does not matter THAT much (you can learn proportions etc in a fairly short time)

If you want to start digital painting, the only thing you will need is a graphic tablet, i personnaly recommand Wacom for their low prices (around 70€ / 80$ for a beginner's one) and it comes with a software, wich is really important if you don't want to pay 20$/moth for PhotoShop (maybe you can obtain it by different means hehe)

Dig. painting requires a lot of training, there is really only a small bit of talent. You can find some really good tutorials online (I use but i'm french), some are on the official website of PS (i'm not rly sure bout that tho); and a lot of artists make YouTube tutorials. A good way to learn is to copy master's work (like this amazing painting) until you achieve a decent result. 

Hope i can help you, and sorry for bad english~  
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Any help is accepted.

In a meter of the Wacom and Software I've got no problem, I already own 'em. And thanks A LOT for the references they make the world of a difference.
And your English is perfectly fine ;)
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I love this! Its absolutely amazing!
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Wow! This is amazing!
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Even with your caption, there's so much emotion behind this piece that seems to cry out for release. Between SBJ 09's black coat, her downturned gaze, her tears, and her robotic companion holding an ineffectual umbrella, it could be interpreted as so many things: a funeral, a solemn ceremony, a parade or a memorial service. And that's not even taking into account her glowing hair accessory which could have a story of its own behind it. 

Well done.
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Your artwork is truly amazing! I hope to be like you someday, and keep up the great work!
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somehow this artwork compels me to make a story out of the picture
man i totally love the whole context of the lighting and the texture. one of my fav of one of your artwork.
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Great coloring Job; it really brings the character to life.
I really like how you use colour to emphasize the character's sadness(it's my opinion, maybe it's not what you intended). What technique do you use? It's a special program? 
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