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UPDATE: Process video available here!

My commissioned D.Va piece by Deviantart, for Blizzard Entertainment's Overwatch!

This piece was as much fun as it was challenging, and it was a great experience for me! What struck me about the character was how energetic she is, so I tried my best to show that here!

Check out the other artworks for #21DaysofOverwatch here!:
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This is so cool, I'd love it as a desktop, do I pay you for a download?

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It took me a while to find you, but well, sadly you didn't put a watermark, but your artwork is stolen by a "small" compagnie in french convention, just wanted to let you know, they gave me the stolen piece, at least now I can say that i'm happy with it because you drew it really well ♥

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Hi ! I really like this photo of !!! May I use it as my phone case cover?

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Yush.. Just... YUSH!! <3
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Wow awesome perspective! 
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first D.VA (or however she was callen) art that only has MINOR sexual stuff in there,8,5/10.
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Fantastic work, the perspective it's very well worked, the colors looks good and the background it's amazing, lots of details :D
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Love the colors!
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someone is selling your art as a big mousepad…

it is one of the styles you can choose from :c
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This image is buyable as a mousepad in china apparently. O_ I doubt OP is getting any money but nothing you can do about it.…
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Dude I love u r the best.
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Lovely artwork.

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my fetish is getting shot…

Hello, I'm just one Korean gamer staying the US. I saw some Korean overwatch Facebook page(not official) using your fan art. I'm wondering you; GUWEIZ permitted it. I really love your artwork, so I'm just worrying about it
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Love this, awesome work
I also found someone selling it on ebay
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Beautiful girl
p/s: thanks for video :D
Someone is selling this here ,… , :/ 
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