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I got into a 3-hour long scuffle with my study sketch because it wanted to become a pin-up... I guess it won T.T

You can get this picture in full size with process steps and tutorial on my Patreon! + a lot more stuffs!
Read more about it here:
Hello friends! Your support has been so important to me on Deviantart over these years and I always feel bad for not being able to really interact with everyone too much other than just posting works. With Patreon, I'll be able to dedicate more time to creating tutorials and process guides to share with all of you.
If you would like to support me and help me do what I love, please do consider becoming my patron. I will be eternally grateful! :heart:

I've also recently made a hair tutorial here! Heart  If you like it, you know where to get more from ;>
Hair Tutorial! by GUWEIZ

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She looks charismatic!
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into the hair reference ideas/reference/study folder you go 'o' ty
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Beautiful painted and I love her expression.  Gorgeous!
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oh ma gawd, it's awesome Love 
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magnificent La la la la La la la la Love 
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That's Beautiful .- cat y35gif 
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Love her expression and her eyes. Damn, come on January!
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It looks beautiful! :D
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Beautiful work Clap 
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So beautiful and the colours on her shirt are amazing!
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Deez deezerws more love than it haz.
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Absolutely lovely work.  keep it up.
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Nice job as usual ! Such a beauty here !
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That looks amazing.
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