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Dusk is always a good-looking time of the day~
Also, it's fun to try out more brushes (other than the default round one)

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I really need a framed print of this for my living room

evanl148's avatar
the scenery is masterpiece
ViruseffectX's avatar
TheCynicalAutist's avatar
Lovely. It lowkey looks like an Asian futuristic Max Caulfield xD
Meykame's avatar
Waaah, quelle beauté *-*
SamWallaceArtisan's avatar
You have an interesting mentality when it comes to the use of darkness ... a lot of your work has a realistic under-lit look to it but it still works and that is, in my experience, very hard to pull off. There's so much I could learn from these
NikitaSokolov's avatar
Very beautiful picture as your others :)
JieF-R's avatar
Good lights and atmosphere !
Sagira-XD's avatar
Looks like Max from Life is Strange.. BEATIFUL! ;)
Sanaco's avatar
Amazing!! I almost can sense the wind and listen the seagulls mixed with the far sound of the city.

And she kind of transmits me a paceful and blank minded sensation, as when you are so deep on your thoughts that you are no more in the place you were...

But at the same time she looks a little sad, so this made me ask myself what could she have lost in her life that she needed to part away from everything... And then you have there that plane that departs to another place, is maybe a dear one on it?

Perhaps I only gave it more thought that it has and she is only enjoying the sunset, the last warm rays of the sun and the probably cold wind.

I really do love that incredibly real dusk that you made, with such a warm coloured sunset and all those sensations that it transmits thanks to the shadows-lights you played with.

Thanks for sharing this awesome master piece!

JamesBarris's avatar
Wow you can really feel the atmosphere in this one.
Crubitz's avatar
Your too good.
catherinetoris's avatar
Maybe you know, but someone used this in a video for nightcore. it's beautiful though ^_^
Anselnaut's avatar
Feelings fade <3
EchoVisuals's avatar
Looks like Mikasa Ackerman from Attack on Titan. Nice!
Naghome's avatar
amazing painting! so talented. 
she kind of reminds me of nicole jung though 
she looks like her 
Tenkaido's avatar
Her dreamy expression with the neutral, yet warm background add up to a captivating whole. A lovely paining!
galaxy-min's avatar
sorry,thinking about touka right now from tokyo ghoul. like jesus christ it looks like her 0-0 pretty none the less though.
A-Merry-Kat's avatar
Wow.... stunning... :D
markalester's avatar
Everything you do is breathtaking.
loverpenguin's avatar
lemme just pretend that that is my hair.
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