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After Practice~

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Published: October 23, 2016
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Color sketch: Go home after practice~

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erebusparcaeHobbyist Digital Artist
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Is that a rec Dacia 1310 in the background? :D Awesome art, by the way!
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EliphionHobbyist General Artist
Beautiful pic, like all of your work. But, are you aware of this? I found it on Reddit early last year. I dunno if it's your work or what. i.imgur.com/C6YCbvr.gif
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lithicdarkHobbyist Digital Artist
Hi Eliphion,  Thank you so much for that link, that was pretty awesome.  I tracked it down.  It was created by roguefx.  The creator stated, "I was really inspired by the painting "After Practice" by GUWEIZ ".  I hope the links work after I submit this.  
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EliphionHobbyist General Artist
That IS pretty awesome -- I didn't even know it was supposed to have sound. I'm very glad the creator gave you credit. How cool is that? Your sketch birthed a video!

(I always worry about the cat being left behind in traffic, but I guess it always manages to get in front of her again.)
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lithicdarkHobbyist Digital Artist
I am not the creator, I am not GUWEIZ. :-) I'm not that talented.  

The cat. At first I thought it was the outline of a man that morphed into a cat, my mind plays tricks on me.  Then after watching the video over and over, I saw that it was just a cool cat.  

Peace to the families!

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EliphionHobbyist General Artist
Oops, that's what I get for not paying attention to the interface, sorry.
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May I please use this for the cover of a new novel I’m writing on Wattpad?
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DaniCopicHobbyist General Artist
really good
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After the recital, the smile on Mia's face that carried on from the days of her practice finally broke as she saw the expressions that formed on the judges face's.

The gray clouds earlier had turned into rain after the final stroke on her violin.

The sound of applause could not be heard as silence echoed deafeningly in the hall.

The expectations that everyone pinned on her faded into the darkness of the concert hall, as no matter how hard she practiced, the damage left on her fingers were too much to ignore.

Ever since the accident, she knew that this would be the last time she would ever stand on that very same stage. And when the doctor's informed her of how severe the neural damage was, even her delusional optimism couldn't keep up with the reality ahead of her.

However, despite all of this, she wanted to show the world that despite being robbed of what she loved, she still had it in her to perform on the stage she loved so much, with the same atmosphere she controlled playing on that stage.

She didn't wait for the announcement, she didn't care for the victor, she just wanted her passion to reach everyone, right then, right there, at that very moment.

She put the old violin in its case, put on her lucky jacket, and walked away soon after.

With a sad smile on her face, she tears she desperately tried to prevent slowly poured little by little.

She continued walking in the silhouette of the rain, followed by the cat she half-heartedly fed on the way there.

She answered the question that burdened her mind ever since the moment she woke up.

"What was I doing this for, anyway? I already knew how it would end up."

She answered with a slight sob that was lost in the rain,
"I guess in the end, it was just self-gratification."

(a little story i wrote based off your artwork, hope you like it, sorry if it doesn't fit what you had intended)
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ddungmaria Digital Artist
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PhotometheusHobbyist Photographer
This drawing is so absolutely cute!
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ItsgabboHobbyist General Artist
So this is yours! I do hope that the animation was yours too.
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MewriiHobbyist General Artist
It belonged to someone else
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Lightningfarron10100Hobbyist Artist
love it....
the serene
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VirtualerStudent Digital Artist
I really love this one :D I saw it on a video and have been looking for it since, I found it recently though in the latest issue of ImagineFX and am really glad I did. Your deviantart gallery is amazing and you're one of my favourite digital artists, your story is very inspiring too. Thankyou for this amazing art :D
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EverybodysCupOfTeaHobbyist Photographer
OMG, this is so beautiful! :heart: :rose: :clap:
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togigataHobbyist Digital Artist
motionographer.com/quickie/aft…  Another animated version of your work:)
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JonathanCamposDesignHobbyist Interface Designer
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camolieHobbyist Traditional Artist
This makes me feel so peaceful, I love the violin and I love the rain, and the feeling of accomplishment after practice...You captured that feeling beautifully! 
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The idea of the whole picture is very attractive to me
color, rain, cat, walking in the world
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umbatmanProfessional General Artist
been there i know the feeling
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