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photoshop brushes: world maps

By gutterlily10

2 world map brushes. high resolution. made with photoshop cs2. taken from old stationery prints from friends' old letters.

:bulletred: no need to credit me for brushes. i would, however, appreciate it if you fave the deviation and/or send me the link of the deviation you made with the use of the brushes and/or just view my profile. :bulletred:

i'd like to keep track and give recognition to those who fave and/or comment on my deviations, you see. and i'd like to see how you guys make good use of it.

i hope these help.


© 2006 - 2021 gutterlily10
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are these brushes compatible with clip studio paint?
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These are going to be perfect for an article series background that I'm developing for a small zine that I publish. If it ever goes online, I'll let you know. Thanks a ton! Cheers!
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These are truly beautiful brushes! Thank you! Don't know what I'll use them for just yet but they're impossible to pass up.
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gutterlily10 u are my No.1 favorite thank u very much
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Hi! I've used your brushes in this one: [link]
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thanks and i'll send the once done but i dunno how to send devi watch
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Used here!: [link] And the student versions! Thank you so much!
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Used your brush here --> [link]

Thanks a bunch :D
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Thanks so much! This is just what I needed for a school project. You're a lifesaver.
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Hello! :wave:
This deviation was featured week in my journal: [link]
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at my community ( we are trying, among other things, to make a list of cool free brushes that can be found around the web. If you wish your brush to be listed in, you can reach this topic on our forum:
and make a post, which should contain:
- name of the brush
- a sample image ( to post an image use url of the image between [img] [/img] tags )
- a link to download the brush (link to the DA page of the brush or personal website will do fine)
- name or nickname of the author

(I've placed this message as comment on the brushes I've found suitable for the matter, sorry in case you happen to find this message more than once among your creations.)
P.S: every work that got this message also got a fav. from me. :)
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I used your brushes! THANK YOU! [link]
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Just what I was looking for - for a new project Thanks! I will send you a link if I use them :)
for some reason the link didn't work properly, the wallpaper is here:

I used this brush on a wallpaper, here

Thank you.
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Here you go:D :thumb42376189: Hope you like it:D
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Here you go:D :thumb42376189: Hope you like it:D
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i'll look into your deviation soon! thanks for using my brushes! :nod:
Thank you!

I like your brush!
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no problem! i hope you get to use it! :nod:
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Much like the ancient worldmap/globes we had in school. Well done here! :)
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:thanks: thank you!

i just realized... i should've named the brush set as globes instead of world maps. :dohtwo: :giggle:
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