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Disembowelment is for all your intestine and spleen-related gore art. This includes any organ below the ribcage.
Heartless If that heart isn't in your character's chest, or maybe just your ribcage is showing, your art goes in this folder!
Blood Smears Blood is considered gore in my book, so bring it on! A little scratch or a huge puddle, it doesn't matter!
Vomit For images of barfing blood or if what's supposed to be inside is hanging out of your character's mouth, it belongs here.
Flesh Wounds for the usually smaller, maybe less bloody gore. Scrapes, claw marks, hanging skin and such like that
Amputation/Decapitation if your character is missing a limb or maybe even their head, this folder is for them.
Impalement is for your poor critters that might have slipped, fell and... ended up with a pole in their chest? Whoops.
Nosebleeds. Did you break your nose? Here, this folder is for you.

If you have an image that includes two or more of the above, feel free to just pick your favorite folder that applies and drop it on in!



Gallery Folders


Mature Content

Maceration by WinterStag
The End by Yui-Kita
Harvesting your organs is what this clown does~ by SpunketPunk
Pop goes the fucking weasel kiddo!~ by SpunketPunk

Mature Content

Mary [Commission] by its-screech

Mature Content

[Goretober] Self insflicted Gutspill by Ca55tamere

Mature Content

.you are beautiful inside and out. by persephon-ii

Mature Content

Half the Fun (+Speedpaint) by Grimmijaggers
Squeeze by Shincovi

Mature Content

'This is fine' by ToothlessEgo

Mature Content

If I had a Heart by KNOXXIS
The Red Lady by CatBatArt
Blood Smears
i'm tired and i don't want to think of a title [$] by its-screech

Mature Content

0012 by CHARIKO

Mature Content

Dzhambul - Profile by MariposaBullet

Mature Content

r2r23r23r23r232r23r322r32 by g-barbatus
BLErhg by Shincovi
Blergh by Shincovi

Mature Content

Rawhead and Bloody Bones by Aazhie
Flesh Wounds

Mature Content

Goretober 2017 Day 7: Acid by Grimmijaggers
Goretober 2017 Day 8: Burn by Grimmijaggers
This isn't what I wanted by Shincovi
COMMISSION: Zombie Walk by Rott-i-kins
Amputation Decapitation Dismemberment
Messenger by amsin-indigoswallow
The unquiet grave by Kurumii-chan

Mature Content

Goretober 3-5: Surgical/Torture/Amputation by ToothlessEgo
Heart of Ice by Grace-Zed
Great Escape  by Sir-Arc

Mature Content

489b398b39843b9843b8389bb439 by g-barbatus
Idk by Shincovi
Body Horror

Mature Content

Valentine's dungeon by OddJorge
She's a hungry girl by ToothlessEgo
Goretober 1+2: Lacerations and Extra Limbs/Eyes by ToothlessEgo
Run, rabbit, run! by BonbonBox

Mature Content

[Goretober] Nosebleed by Ca55tamere
Goretober 2017 Day 4: Nosebleed by Grimmijaggers
'Why don't you try smiling more?' by DinoWasTaken
Morden by CatBatArt









We're starting the challenges! For the first one we'll start simple, and with something appropriate for the upcoming holiday.

This first challenge's theme is: Heartless
This can be interpreted literally or otherwise, as long as a heart theme is clearly communicated. (ie organs arranged in the shape of a heart, or concepts along those lines)

Note- Avoid going for the obvious 'you broke/stole my heart' piece. It's a trope that's been beaten to death a hundred times and back.

You can submit them into whatever category is appropriate, but also please link your submission to this journal, so we can keep track of entries!
These will be held to the same standards of submissions as any other art.

Prizes:  wendigoflesh and ToothlessEgo will choose a winning entry, and that person will receive a full colored sketch by ToothlessEgo and a feature on the frontpage of this group until the next challenge is held.

DUE: Valentines Day, February 14


Mature Content

Just A Scratch by orewatowi

Mature Content

If I had a Heart by KNOXXIS

And the Winner is- Little-Stupid-Things with  :thumb513978760:!

Congratulations! You win a colored sketch by ToothlessEgo and a feature of your work!

Thank you to those of you who participated!
Our next contest will probably be for a new icon for the group, with art and point incentives, if that seems interesting to anyone!
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