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Didn’t notice the fang in the last panel! Nice hidden detail! (Unless it’s super obvious and I’m just stupid.)

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Hehe, I think it's subtle enough a handful missed it!

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As much as it's Rarijack and Flutterdash for me, I really was hoping she would be gentle.

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Hehe, yeah, I know what you mean

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Crying kuzco icon 
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goin' in for the kill
Killed the moment 
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sweet... kind... tender... loving... BOOOMMM!!!!!!
de atomic bomba enterd da citee later :iconderpplz:
I knew Fluttershy was a freak, it's always the quiet ones.
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well, this is a bad dream, or there is something that posses or poisend the mane six.
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she's still Flutterbat! That explains why she's like the others instead of being all "first crush"!
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Haha... love it. How will it end lol.
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new page a week!
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You forgot to put the "Next" link on this page.
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I do believe the "bad touch" joke has been done to death besides we're better than that
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