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It's been a long time. How have you been?

So, I played both Portal and Portal 2, and I LOVED it. But it was some time ago. Now, I was looking for some Portal art, and now I want to change my netbook skin (this is my current one [link] ).

I've got some ideas for it, and I've been working on them since yesterday. I've started with a really simple idea with the flat Aperture logo and the icons on the bottom, with a black background. But then I thought it was too flat, and I've added the white bar behind the icons. Then, I put some gradient on it. After that, I found the custom Aperture circle, and put it. Then, I searched for a background that resembled the dark tiles of the Test chamber, but I couldn't find any cool version, so I've used this checked pattern.

And, by last, I've added some gradient to the Aperture text, and also the memorable GLaDOS' quote: "For science, you monster". I *love* her.

I hope you like it. And, if you have some tips to improve it (I still think there's something missing, or that isn't matching), please comment. I'll do my best.

Many thanks to :iconzeptozephyr:, for the vector icons ([link])

Other sources:
Background: [link]
Aperture text: [link]

:iconkiyi-chan: didn't authorized the use of her art ([link]), so I had to remove it. Sorry. I've also changed some of the bottom icons.
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Eu adoro GLaDOS também. Quer dizer, tem como não amá-la? Não é à toa que sua dubladora foi tão aclamada pela interpretação. Ainda não tive o prazer de jogar Portal 2, mas sempre me recomendam.
A sua arte ficou muito boa! Gostei bastante da composição/cores. A "quote" de GLaDOS só deixou tudo mais saboroso hahaha. :+fav: