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The Harpy


Well, it's not exactly a harpy since it has a more masculine face and harpies are always portrayed,as far as I've seen, as a hybrid of women and bird features. Oh well, It doesn't matter too much, this is my own take on bird+human creatures. I'm very fond of how the colors turned out. :)

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Love this pice. It feels a lot ore original and at the same time more organic. Kind of scary, but at the same time possesses a morbid beauty. Love the coloration of it too!

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now thats sexy
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You really haven't got any brains at all, have you son?
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You need some help, you know that right?
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I wonder what Harpy's people are drawing, maybe I'll find a cute pi- HOLY CHICAGO!!! WTF IS THIS?????BURN IT WITH FIRE IT AND THEN DROWN IT!!!!!!!!! But pretty cool pic non-the-less

Still kill it with a Tsar bomb
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My harpies are different
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Looks so cool

Greetings from Germany!
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This is a wonderful rendition of a harpy! In fact, I use it as my main inspiration for harpies in my personal pen&paper RPG setting "Totentanz". What I like about this picture the most is the long, wrinkly and warty neck and the creepy teeth <3
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Love Your Harpy! :)
Really really reeeeeaaaaallllllyyyyyyyy love this Harpy...
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Woah, this is a wonderfully creepy harpy interpretation - I love it. I am working on my interpretation, I've gone for a somewhat vulture-esque look . . .
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I love this!

She's not too masculine for her general mythological description :).
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This should be the new harpie 
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I agree with TheDevilReborns statement- most people make harpies too sexy. I especially love this portrayal because it reminds me of the Thunderbird from Zelda II: The Adventure of Link. And actually, I'd love it if someone(Or you, Guthrie. :D   ) would recreate the thunderbird looking like this. I think that would be amazing. This is an amazing piece of art and is definitely a terrifying thing if you ever came across it in real life. Props to you, GA.
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I love it. Too many people make the harpy sexy. They can do that, but the harpy is a monster that was horrible to look at and even worse to come upon.
I read that by the Greeks' account, Harpies were pretty good looking. It was later Roman and Byzantine writers that made them ugly. But Wikipedia really isn't that reliable though, is it? Sweating a little...  Personally I prefer non-sexy, but still pretty good looking Harpies. This one is certainly a unique take on them.
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I like the take on this one. I'm not for the sexy Harpies. Myself.
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A great approach. I love the hunched over back and the decision to use human hands as the "bird feet".
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I'm a sucker for that teeth style but I like this design
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Cracking picture. Lovely colours.
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when creating the base of the spine, what did you use? im also doing harpies and its very hard to combine the avian/human spines. did you have a specific reference picture? or just draw?
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Hey, I had in mind a bit of rat anatomy for the hunched posture of the spine. No specific reference picture for this one although I usually will look at several different references and combine pieces of them.
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