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Siberian Tigerpede

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Siberian Tigers were such wonderful animals when all we knew of were Earth organisms. However their original design has become mundane by today's standards. In order to keep zoo patrons' interest we had to update these creature's designs. Survey results as well as attendance numbers clearly show people are not interested in seeing the Siberian Tigers from our youth. In order to save some vestige of these animals we made the choice to update the Siberian Tiger to appeal to today's generation.

©2011 B.R.Guthrie :iconguthrieartwork:
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It's a CAT-erpillar!
tigerpede i'm an realisim guy but i like it (i can deal with an little far fetched things)
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Wow, this is sick :0 Love it!
kitsunegaming567's avatar
i will ride in to battle Riding Icon 
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Looks awesome!
AntonPhibes's avatar
Incredible, elegantly done in a classical style It is truely amazing!
WeaselOfTheWest's avatar
so Im guessing the Siberian Tigerpede is the size of a Siberian Tiger. or is it the size of a centepede/millipede? Or is it varied in size?
GuthrieArtwork's avatar
Never nailed down the specific length but it'd be a bit longer than a tiger, however it is a tad shorter when moving and not arching itself up.
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Anyone wanna see this bad boy in a zoo? Come on, show of hands! I know you're there, I can hear you breathing!
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Sin against nature? Perhaps. Excellent revenue accumulator? Most CERTAINLY.
Steampunkbazooka's avatar
brilliant, saw this in Spectrum 20
SacEnemies's avatar
Really awesome concept!!!!!
TigerDragon1001's avatar
Love the way the markings blend near the end of its body, and how it changes from flesh to carapace. :3 Also the feet are great, I love those feet. 
WinterOcelot's avatar
Very interesting concept, and wonderfully executed! I love how well you've merged these two creatures together; this design really works nicely! And it's so interesting to look at!
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pico-the-great's avatar
This is absolutely brilliant.  I love this creature.  :D!
HellraptorStudios's avatar
Lovely, abolsutly lovely :)
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despite how you painted the creature gorgeously, i like how you placed it in a frame and ambient like how japannese draw their tigers !!! :D
hellyeah it's all good
Skull grin
Rossross1993's avatar
great combo of different animals, like the style
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