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September 10, 2009
Fly me to the moon by ~guterrez
A very funny piece of art which can teach us all a valuable lesson on how to treat other life forms!
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Featured by gucken
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Fly me to the moon

hey everyone,
just finished this painting
it`s the second cover I did for "Earth Rocks" magazine, a small but very fine phantasy publication here in Austria
this issues topic is the moon so I decided to try some kind of retro SiFi illustration
all done in PS

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c'est trop superbe je suis fan !!!
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A hilarious yet wonderful cross between a Weird Tales or Amazing Stories and MAD frontpages. Totally deserved DD.
Faithfeather's avatar
o.o welp... that would suck xD but then again he is being a buttface
draaacula's avatar
ahah ! very nice !
Willpagan's avatar
would you sell it?
UrsusAureusHistorias's avatar
Amazing! I'm somehow reminded of the Space Madness episode of Ren & Stimpy though with the giant brain creatures.
Hahaha, fantastic!
SpeckledGoblin's avatar
I love your artwork. Great sense of humor, great use of color. Your painting is flawless.
archangel72367's avatar
This masterpiece featured in the Shameless Plugs section of my journal!
This is just pure win! I love the color and expressions on everyone's faces! From the lil' monster to the astroman to the mommy (daddy) monster.
aztechief97's avatar
great and fun!!!!
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Entering into Spectrum? If not, you should!
gorefest39's avatar
this is so awesome!
Panov's avatar
A lesson to USA's arrogance. If only it were true.
fpj999's avatar
haha! :D

i like the face of that alien :))
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i wish i could say something nice that would be new for you to hear, but unfortunately all i can say is great frickin job buddy!
phresnel's avatar
Somewhat makes me think of a version of futurama for adults :)
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Featured on my "talent showcase" website, [link] ;)
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thanks man, very appreciated!
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u're welcome ;)
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