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hey folks,
based on an old sketch I did quite some time ago I wanted to finish this for a long time and well, finally this came to an end

it shows some sort of an alternative adventure of Alice in Wonderland: in order to be allowed to stay in the world behind the rabbit hole she has to marry one (or maybe more, guess they aren`t that pedantic in Wonderland^^) of the inhabitants there

as it`s based on an old sketch of mine I`m not 100% happy with all of the characters but I wanted to get this out of my sight once and for all
done completely in Photoshop

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oh my god, thats incredible! must have taken ages, just.. wow!
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LOVE this <3 You should do one of the Queen!
PookyGurl's avatar
very cool and somewhat creepy :)
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I would choose the March Hare or the Jabberwocky (which reminded me of Dragon from "Shrek.") Oh, or the dodo too.
Digi-Angel's avatar
I pick.....the March Hare *The Mad hatter spideds his tea out*
CleverSongBird's avatar
i'd choose the cat or the rabbit. bestiality i know, but i would rather have that sweet looking bunny for a husband and the cat can always be distracted with nip!
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Wow, this is incredible. :)
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:iconshinyheartplz: Your wonderful art is featured in my journal [link] :heart:
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I want a print so very badly. <3
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your prayer is heard ^^
harleyquinnnnn's avatar
hurray! ordered it up. thanks so much - I might have to beg for an Orkzland print in the not too far away future as well. ;)

you rock.
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cool thing! please tell me how the print turned out in terms of quality when you get it :D
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Free ride. :D
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i pick the bunny next to me! *everyone gasp*
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i think this one should get a DD!very wonderful work
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all of the characters look great. i really like the sort of grotesque-ness of the twins
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