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I Smoke Myself
I'm frantic, scribbling frustrations onto bleeding paper
Do we punch walls to punish them or break them down?
Or to break our fists?
In nervous delusion, we curl back up in our eggs
In anxious departure, I expose my skin in an animalistic tear
Slits appear on my back and a feathery web stretches out like a drawn arrow
I rocket upwards
I don't care where this tunnel ends
I don't think it does
Everything around me is the same
And I watch it all turn into cosmic specs of dust
Only in death, the explosive scream after fuses of anxiety and frustration hit 0, will we be calm
The life-awaiting are counting down to my death
I will, with all might and fury, throw these fists into my drying clay
I will strike even when my arms burn in dying exhaustion, like the smoker desperately suckling the last bits of tobacco clinging to the filter (the filter is where they keep the heroin)
And when the hot smoke of burning cotton forbids the air to nurture my lungs, is when my heart may rest in peace
:icongut-fire:gut-fire 1 1
I ring serenely around the mountains, in a mechanical gaze
A gust of challenging winds disorients me
My feet let go of the ground
In God's hand lifting me up mountains in one push aimed for infinite
Freezing winds attack my face, feet dragging along snow and rock
God curls down his index finger and gently flicks me off his hand
I tumble awhile, dazed
Inside a dark cave
I awake to the deafening sounds of silence, and try to let my eyes adjust to the darkness
A hot flash of white light burns my eyes and starts shaping and envelopes me in a guttural, earth-shredding roar
I quickly attach my open palm above my eyes to shield them from the blinding light (or perhaps a sub-conscious salute?)
Geometric patterns form from the light
A beast of impossible colors
A Lion of Water
Mane cascading down its stone-carved face
Speaks a thousand words in silence that need no questioning to understand
:icongut-fire:gut-fire 0 0
Ever been to a White Sox game?
Bodies soften in abrupt, anti-rhythmic intervals
Bystanders laugh in awesome shock and make room for the scuffling body of flailing flesh
Feet swoop around in dust and rock
The warriors use their bellies as drums
Backs shoved against walls which echo shouts and grunts
The trains roar an adrenaline cheer on the bridge above
It melts the graffiti off the walls
The conductor tips his hat and the train continues its route
Every movement is made with no energy spared
Movements turn to slow motion and take the last tired steps toward the finish line
The roaring, the shouting, the pounding stops and everything ceases to make room for some panting
Lips curl in satisfaction
Rationality ain't got nothin' on us
:icongut-fire:gut-fire 0 0
Sewer Rat
I'm on my hands and knees
Hunched like a rat
Or maybe a Ninja Turtle
Crawling through cobwebbed underground labyrinths
Neck and knees aching
Where the fuck is the next chamber?
Lean on to my right elbow (making sure not to set it on the long creek of shit and water)
The flashlight tells me that it's getting narrower down here
You guys wanna go back?
Fuck it.
:icongut-fire:gut-fire 0 0
Slinging rocks as I spit myself on the sidewalk and get on your shoe
I'm strumming chords in denting rhythms
Fingertips break, bleeding red paint
              Drip on the paper and slithers into runic alphabets and familiar words.
Voices speak, moan, and shout vines and branches that spiral and curl around startled people.
The streets continue to move but with a humid and deviously spicy undertone solidifying in the air, interrupting its busy essence.
It disappears, only hinting at the rumbling wave that will drown everything once the dam breaks.
and even if the dam doesn't break, at least my spit is still on your shoe
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Don't Fuck With Mountains...
We've been fighting this war for a very long time
The waves beat the shore soaking rocks with divine
The sandy soil marriage seems far out of reach
Because boulders are stubbornly shielding the beach
But I know that in time our war will be won
The rocks battle waves that are backed by the Sun
Who shows us his power with purple orange red
So we don't fuck with him before he goes to bed
And the waves keep on crashing while the moon commands night
And they beat with cold anger 'cause they're not bathed in light
The rocks are mistaken for solidified matter
But they're not so solid, they surely can shatter
Water doesn't shatter, in fact it connects
And builds forests of life with the light it reflects
Rocks won't all die, but they surely should know
that oceans pissed-off will destroy you.
:icongut-fire:gut-fire 0 1
The same water molecules that build the grass and forests
Bound by the same forces that make the Earth and Moon orbit
come together to gather a river stabalized by the moon
given from our mother to make our eyes bloom
The sun is the science of growth which gives me the light which opens my eyes
so I can see. The water given to me through the earth reminds me of the beauty of why we die
A death gives place for another birth
Our river is a gift to mother earth
whose beauty comes from the sun who uses the water to block himself in the sky
I threw a rock in the river
and I understood
that the rock became a part of it
Rapids are purer than lakes
Because larger bodies make them move
Worry not, the rain from the sky will strengthen your form and open your eye
I breathe through my feet to keep my stem strong
I am the arrow in my mother bow that lifts me to my target father sun
I want to align the amount I'm grooving with the amount my river is moving
Or die
Let the wind carry me to a big, brig
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GUTFIRE by gut-fire GUTFIRE :icongut-fire:gut-fire 0 1
Missions Aborted
The three men are flying
in basements applying
the energy they have within
The squares are distorted
with missions aborted
and punishing physical sin
The morals declining
keeps fearful ones whining
while the balancing lesson is taught
In moral unhealth
Truth, God, and Thyself
are the only real things being fought
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Plea from a wolf named virtue
Impotent Potential
Export Exportant
You're dormant
I wanna see some fire, boy
I wanna see you explode
I wanna see you shoot your load
like rays of the sun
Cosmic Slop flow like a river drown everyone
Divine Meat keep the beat on my ear drum
You live in the mouth of a giant
Be thrown with his words or be eaten
You're no more solid
than the concrete in your wallet
Shit, you ARE the wallet
so let's see some concrete, boy
Say something
Do something
Pull out of your mother
Don't fuck her
We're a generation of men raised by women
Drowing in vaginal oceans? Quit swimmin'
Same old bullshit you went through before
You're losing your battles in a seasonal war
So I urge you; pull your roots out of Venus by the power of Mars
Cock springing forward like a tumbling car
Dick like a knife
Stab-fucking Moloch's wife
through prarie grass like pubic hair
Raping her with words like daggers
Sublime, Liminal Messages
You have the power, don't lose it
Fuck wearing seatbelts, don't think, just use it
:icongut-fire:gut-fire 0 0
The sun on wolves, a steel pack
drives towards me on the railroad track
The same sun mirrored in my eye
I see through broken, moonlit sky
I suck my poison, start to howl
I gnash I scrape I bite I growl
I'm only one with the sublime
and if you fuck with it, i will hurt you
:icongut-fire:gut-fire 0 0
Rockets and Rubber
A permeable cell
was selling me
was telling me
why not to fight
said that mind is might
mind is might, but not yours
i'd even rather be escapist and build my own doors
at least then i'd have a right to complain
you can have your right to a brain
macrodimensional existin'
ignoring the world your fist is in
if a cell represents something as big as your being
shouldn't it represent us all? why aren't you agreeing?
your life isn't wasted, it's just not needed
and a fight like yours is a fight now defeated
embracing the changeless ain't strong, it's just lazy
so smart, but so useless. you're driving me crazy
there's no point to knowledge if it's kept to yourself
like a rich, frightened miser who can't enjoy his wealth
"your knowlege is your power, so arm yourself" you preach
well you've got a brain and mouth so what power do you teach?
a vacant brain that speaks of love, a vacant heart that speaks of light
i think i could survive with love and live without my sight
you spend so m
:icongut-fire:gut-fire 0 0
Maggot brains in howling trains
The Earth's blue veins that need not names
Define yourself, Divine yourself
Sublime yourself, then climb yourself
then vine yourself in morning glory
The Sunrise whys the moonlit story
Ponds and puddles, rivers thoughts
the former ares the latter knots
The astronauts in suits in space
Whose cosmic fruits disable taste
Defeated, victimized young lads
who lose themselves in iPod ads
They dance on empty threes and fall
in shadows on a monochrome wall
Glass silhouettes, the lack of soul
that's lost in gravity's black hole
that trances, dances, and enhances
amplifying intended glances
The cosmic, infinite inhale
that sucks perceptions of grand scales
and tales of what can not be told
that just remind us we're getting old
Re-mind Be kind Un-blind Re-find
Refined Defined Destroyed Mankind
Man kind when man find hidden light
in mama's shadow that we call night
It makes us close our eyes and then
we see it all when we bloom again
then OH MY GOD iGod iAwed
:icongut-fire:gut-fire 1 0


Celestial Queen by Philipstraub Celestial Queen :iconphilipstraub:Philipstraub 528 96 Silent Morning by Philipstraub Silent Morning :iconphilipstraub:Philipstraub 1,017 130
metaphorically speaking
and college and jobs and mediocrity are all stalking my mind as I cling to my childhood like I once clung to the escalator railing; one foot planted to the ground (stability, comfort) and one on the moving stair. Being pushed forward and trying to flourish while seperated as i am mechanically pulled apart and forced to choose. The future? The comfort? Caught up, straddling the fear. (In the end the machine movements pull me toward an inevitable future) Do I listen to my mentors, or my illogical heart? Is this leading me on a path of ignoring my dreams? What will become of those? I dont want to be a soccer mom. I aspire to LIVE and not just exist.  But so many people are filled with dreams at my age, and most turn into cubicle fiends who feed on mid-life crisises and living through their children. Will I be one of those converted masses? Or will I retain this lust for life I have now? I want to awake every moment with a sense of accomplishment and hope and happiness. I want to
:icongoghart:goghart 1 1
The Myth
The Myth
--It is easy now, in this age of rebellion, to become preoccupied with what you are not, and forget what it is you are.
There is something here for me.
I am
spiritual Salmacis,
entranced somewhere in between
harsh ambition
and bony wrists.
I am mother to beasts,
a merciful Medea.
I never really wanted Jason
I am Caesar, crying
at twenty-five
because I have not yet
conquered anything.
Oh conscript fathers, I
want to be merciful
but I will not hide
first blood, or
in first blood,
for our seconds have already
drawn their swords
and I am not prepared
to give up.
:iconferretdraco:FerretDraco 1 3
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