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Triglav (alternatively, Триглав; Trihlav; Trygław, Trzygłów; Трыглаў, meaning 'three headed'), the holy Trinity of Slavic Mythology and of some Rodnover belief-systems, is a deity, as well as a complex and deep concept. Having the existence and creation as a whole being separated in three concepts:
- tactile  world, "owned" or incorporated by thunder-god Perun, subject to the weather and other energies/attributes;
Nav - thought-oriented world, unseen and hidden "underworld", attributed to traditional concepts of Iriy, the green realm, roots of the axis-mundi oak tree and source of vegetation and spring;
and ultimately Prav - a "divine-law" without hierarchical connotation, something between the laws of physics and ecological accordance, a subjective righteousness, and blueprint to tie the other two concepts, given by Svarog, often deemed as a grandfather to all Slavs and father to gods themselves;
Triglav presides them all. Triglav is depicted as a three headed figure, sometimes with bands of (gold) blindfolds over its eyes, or a man with three goat heads. Several temples dedicated to Triglav existed near present-day Szczecin, Poland. During the period of Christianization, these temples and statues of Triglav were completely destroyed by the foreign, external forces. But the tradition is few by few regained through a new moment of reconstrucionism and search for the roots of understanding the yet-present festivities and cults to the deities.

Here, the Triglav is composed by:
Svarog - god of fire, both the celestial which brings forth divination, and the hearth, which forges the sun itself and all the weapons - associated with Svetovid, four-headed deity of war, prosperity and abundance, all inter-connected;
by his son Dazbog - god of sun on all its aspects, as well as in the chthonian one, when in absence on the world, when he plays the role of wolf-shepherd, sometimes attributed to the role of his father;
and by thunder-god Perun - pantheon chief in the original traditions of the Slavs, as a mediator and organizer of the world to which we are 'confined' to, as an eagle seating on the top of the World-Tree
This is just one of the possible combinations of Triglav - others include the god associated with divination and pathways (Svetovid) instead of Dazbog or Veles (to complete the three thirds of Creation, given his influence on Nav). This one has all the bright aspects of Triglav. I have chosen this interpretation to be in accordance with the same-name character of my own Apkallu mythos:
These illustrations, to be featured in a playing cards game, has too much influence of my own drawing style, so Svarog and Perun are quite elemental, just like the Djinn they are in the Mythos. Dazbog, in the center, is like an older version of the "Dazbog" of the Apkallu mythos, with strong wolf motifs.
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