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The Five Hidden Elements



This is a Wu Xing diagram depicting the Five Hidden Elements and its origin, the Ater Adamantis.
The Hidden Elements are almost incapable of being detected, yet they alone possess an influence on the biosphere and tactile existence even greater than ordinary elements (understood as matter and energy, like rock or gravity, or as qualities, like heat and coldness). Like the aforementioned elements, they act, like everything else, on transformation between many possible states (solid, gas, liquid and all others), so it can't be distilled at all into a "prime matter" or form to them, but like in the much later periodic table (itself being originally a Cyclopean interpretation on the composites of the universe), they have their own unities (yet attributing particles such as atoms or anything like to them would still be a mistake).
They are rather the forces which transform (in different manners, and it's on these manners that makes them different from one another) the elements, and thus can define, corrupt or undo systems so far understood as "nature", from the distribution of life energy to the lighting of an area.
They were first "catalogued" as five by Telchine Dark Sorcerers (humanoid sea-mammals), after scrying through inter-dimensional ecstatic praxis cerimonies, realizing a shift between the limits and borders of the atriums of the later Taoshi's kvalnut, a categorical scheme which comprises the universe's totality. That experience, yet catastrophic to most of the involved, served as source of inpalpable initiatory knowledge. Paradoxically, this sort of information was impossible to be transmitted as frozen concepts (i.e. words and images) and as so, faded in time and were conveniently substitued by figures of language, losing partially its original meaning and content. As well this sort of knowledge was loosely based on empirism and on a much complex form of understanding which included much more than two axis of the traditional, cheap and over-used dichotomical concept (on itself an already misinterpreted version of Heraclitus' idea of coincidentia oppositorum, that is no different from kháos of hesiodic theogony), and as so has many shades of interpretation to individualities and experiences they have. These elements, whose understanding was pioneered by Telchines, were as well understood as principles, edges which could define paths, tendencies, shifts, and on themselves acquired some sort of authority in this process, in the same manner as the traditional elements and their respective Nine Gods who came into being.

Whilst the Nine Gods presides over the traditional elements-states-qualities, being themselves these elements with ipseity, the hidden elements themselves have entities which have not came to be. They laid dormant until the Ater Adamantis of Apep (the youngest huehueyolcatl [primeval beast] originated from Chaos, itself a monster, a dimension and a parallel to the scissor force which defines one out of the whole, a challenger of the alterity and of the material balance) was split by the Trident of Hydros. The Trident consisted of three Ater Adamantis on their own, three different conciousness split from Bythos, which, on its death, created Hydros (through transformation - of the Mnemosyne liquid to the water as composite of hydrogen and oxygen as we know it through Cyclopean science). So this shock of parallel entities crafted five fragments which would become the Five Vovin Crystals.

The crystals are undestructible, they also serve to commune with the respective hidden elements wherever they are present in "creation". And like hidden element themselves, they can usher transformation on all others, being themselves left un-changed. The effects they have on one another, however, can be minimized or maximized depending on the relations they have with each other, and that's exactly what the original Wu Xing was intended to show.

The entities were contacted by the Telchine of old, yet they came to inhabit and manifest on the crystals on different occasions after they were awaken (as given life energy took out of hecatomb and of sacrifices). It's very possible that the consciousness of the entities of the main hidden element Vovin Crystals may have been the same as that of individuals who lived and died in the habitat near the crystal's activation through a later -sometimes much later- hecatomb. Concerning the elements themselves, these were attributed with simplist titles to make reference to some of their properties.

Darr (in the later Wu-Xing was replaced by Metal), known as the Channeler. Entity which manifests on it is Baphomet, as awakened in the year 4030a.X, on the city of Novgarchern, part of the Russian Kingdom, overseen by the Eastern Orthodox Church, where a mass sacrifice has been led by Palarokhian alchemist Nicolas Flamel. The crystal is known as Baihu.
Panacea is differentiated by its telekinetic properties, that affects directly Duskoplasm (materialized shadow), thus being a form to manifest the un-manifested, the anti-onthological realm of Shadows, the Absolute Darkness (Anaghra Lemah) which on itself is home to the Ater Adamantis (that is understood as source or reference to the dark, negative and oppository form of ipseity). Is used in combination with materialized shadows as means to a perfected necromancy, where the shadows may have also healing properties on the living, or on purpose, enhace the physical abilities to the dead, mutating them at will of the necromancer. All in all, it is an element of control of the external through the inner and as such can be used as a powerful weapon concerning stronger minds, requiring concentration and earning some kind of sixth sense, as if a form of telepathy for those who master it on higher levels. It can as well help the user to travel amidst the shadows of a black hole without sinking into it, without being destroyed or warped. This later use, attested by the ancient Hawlien from Xibahpukon, in the planet Topakhon, part of the K Pacha System, to at least the 10th Century b.X, is known as the "instant artificial generation of portal-type black holes (or worm holes)", opposed to the pit-type black holes (which is used to suck enemies into the Absolute Darkness), which can, too, be generated through the relation of the Darr with Duskoplasm. However, to keep other necessary elements such as air to breathe, it is often used in pair with the Serapel hidden element. Only the most strong-minded and with iron will, able to control others but first to control their own can use this element.
Darr is alternatively known as Panacea, as inspired in the female Triton which had a tragic incident with this element and lately was imbued within a weapon of the element. If not the hardest hidden element to master, this is also quite rare. Its use was almost monopolized by the God of Darkness (one of the Nine who came into being), Tupaq - The Primordial Vovin -, since the entity and the crystal are on the possession of a strong State which he commands secretly.
Main colors are white with orange when energized, cold white when revealed and gray when hidden. Its relation to Orichalcum is known as "the Seer", for amplifying the perception of the surroundings of those which master it. Its relation to Serapel is known as "the Shedder", for perfecting the separation of elements as a controlled filter.

Orichalcum (in the later Wu-Xing was replaced by Water) the Spreader. Entity which manifests on it is Genbu, as awakened in the year of 4917a.X in the sinking isle of Arima, during the assault of the Stone God (one of the Nine who came into being), Huo - Dis Pater -. The crystal is known as Xuan Wu.
Has properties on weather (making an environment colder or hotter), attracts and promotes symbiosis with Daimobia, microorganisms ever present in the Chaos dimension, which distributes life energy in the form of air, weather, humidity, being very likely to shape entire climates and un-balance "nature" (therefore challenging the classic concept of one being different of other - it is both a melding force on material means, and a splitter force on minds and consciousness, if one believes in such dicotomy). It has great effect as well on the strange element of Mnemosyne (which itself is carried through Daimobia), a distilled form of vital energy which is known to never fade and to be present in depths or in darkness, perpetrating autotrophy by chemosynthesis. The same element, as in a stream (in movement through Orichalcum) can be used to plant Ambrosia Fruits. The earliest documented use of Orichalcum has been for locating streams of water (such as rivers courses or underground basins) and creating dams, in Helladeas of the 11th Century b.X. It's possible, however, that such use has been used even earlier in Pelasgean civilization.
This hidden element was made possible to be grown in Triton specimens which were able to develop a conch to store a second lifeform on its body, a Kratozoa - a daimobia composite which holds the memory and mind of a fallen Triton or Drakaina (and is regarded by some as an Ater Adamantis on its own). Its ease to master is quite relative to external conditions, and it is commonly used to verify and locate something in an area (more extense as it is mastered), becoming quite a transcedental experience to master it on higher levels, something only the most powerful Triton and Vovin have done.
Main colors are blue when energized, a golden tone of bronze when revealed and dark petrol blue when hidden. Its relation to Serapel is known as "the Dilluter", for separating the elements on accordance of likeness of elemental states. This relation was as well explored on the Scissor Staff, being able to split even aetherial beings such as the Djinn. Its relation with Xnobius is that of "Energizer", as even though it brings humidity (which affects Xnobius), it can also summon up a storm, that, if applied to a Xnobius circuit, will power it virtually endlessly.

(in the later Wu-Xing was replaced by Wood) the Splitter. Entity which manifests on it is Kamakiri, as awakened in the 34th Century a.X in the territory managed by the Metal Clan's Shogunate. The Crystal is known as Qinglong.
Has properties of gravity and repulsion. As such, was used several times to develop antique space craft (its earliest documented use, attributed to the Chronpuchian Kingdom, dating to the 13th Century b.X) and to enhace chemical studies with precision, or to isolate other substances and prevent them from oxidating. The most famous use was in the Anti-Gravitational Bomb which was used by the Aztec Cuetzpalin Pipiltin militia to end the Topakhon Wars, which delivered a form to destabilize Topakhon's inner black hole (which was controlled through Darr and Serapel), which caused the death of countless planets and systems in the wars' spanning millenia of events. Was also known to be used by the God of Metal (one of the Nine who came into being), Molokh, as means to decipher the limits of the magnetic fields generated by minds and information residing and reflected by neural systems. One specific usage is to distill Teyoliatl, a form of vital energy similar to Mnemosyne but that is present to the light and generates light on its own, being of better usage to ordinary life forms, which depends on light (like plants), perpetrating autotrophy by photosynthesis. And as well the same usage was incorporated in Tepoztli blades (Tepoztli is a term which means a generic 'workable metal', but some materials which have been defined as such by the Aztec Confederation were no generic metal at all, but actually hidden or revealed Serapel) capable of hurting a shadow or converting Duskoplasm back to its natural state, thus able to kill Centzonmimixcoa (living shadows) by attacking them inside and disspating their essence.
This hidden element is somewhat more common than others yet its usage is hard and complex. As an example, there is a chance to imbue an undead army with Serapel bombs which could release Teyoliatl through contact with Darr (used in undead armies as mentioned before), but to make the Serapel last without shed the Teyoliatl free and self-destroy the army itself requires mastering almost completely both Serapel and Darr.
Main colors are Metallic sand green when energized, Jade green when revealed and silver when hidden. Its relation to Xnobius is known as "the Conductor", proportionating efficient filter on the flux the latter element inherently causes. Its relation to Cozauhqui is known as "the Shatterer", for disrupting the virtual harmony the latter element causes, and as so brings the same in conflict with its own.

Xnobius (in the later Wu-Xing was replaced by Fire) the Igniter. Entity which manifests on it is Ní, as awakened in the 41st Century a.X, in Diyu. The Crystal is known as Zhuque.
Has properties on energy streams, close circuits and temperature control, even though always preserving heat as generating constant energy. It can use heat and aridity as means to move up particles between a Xnobius fragment to another. Through any sort of ordinary energy (electrical or nuclear), it can create a simple system of self-generating energy, yet it has an expansive nature and likely will consume other elements while doing so. It has relations to the Fire Ushabti, strange microorganisms which are capable of manifesting fire and of splitting and spawning in fraction of seconds as long as they keep their heat intact. The Xnobius are the main source of survival for the parasitic Ushabti, which are used originally by the Akh species as means of letting them without fatigue and surpassing physical limitations, perfecting exhaustless works. Other species have developed the same relations as the Akhs in order to survive in scarce areas, but soon all suffers mutations and enters in great need of Xnobius and warm areas if they are to survive. Industrial Civilizations for example are the perfect spot for a Xnobius "greenhouse", as well as for a Fire Ushabti "farm".
The usage of this element is quite hierarchical, for those who master it and are able to keep it with endless energy (most notably Akhs, Fire Vovin and other similar species) are likely to control lesser users - by controlling their consumption and needs. In the end, its relation to the Ushabti was explored by the God of Fire (one of the Nine who came into being), Lapolakh - Khepera -, as means to craft a plan on which he would become Xnobius' most powerful master. Many studies were directed to control and fit Orichalcum as the energizer of a Xnobius flux, but this is an intricate relation given the Orichalcum tends to disrupt the fluxes and eventually kill thousands of Ushabti at once. It is relatively rare, and is found largely on the "cores" of mountains.
Main colors are Red when energized, Orange when revealed and Dark Brown whilst hidden. Among the Ahuitzotl of Icpalcipactli, Aztlán (who are descendants of Pelasgean Telkhines), the element has been called Copalli. It's been present and mined in Teotlatlauhco, Aztlán, until it became a desert after its destruction, caused by another hidden element's Vovin Crystal.
Its relation to Cozauhqui is known as "the Exploder", for it makes shorter the stability that Rasa brings to surrounding elements. Its relation to Darr is known as "the Animator", for it is, as well, a secondary form of necromancy, given the same parasitic Ushabti can work so well in a colony that they craft their own will (that of whoever master them) on the bodies of the dead. It often generates competitions between necromancers and possessors for those who commands the larger hordes through these specific elements.

Cozauhqui (in the latter Wu-Xing was replaced by Earth) the Gatherer. Entity which manifests on it is Xolotl, as awakened in the 4th Century a.X, in the mount Catcitepulz, at altepetl Apanoayan, in Cipactli, Aztlán. The Crystal is known as Huanglong, or more commonly as the Nemontemi Stone. The element known into the Mexica Excan Tlahtoloyan as Cozauhqui, is alternatively named as Rasa by the Taoshi and the Jungle Clan which consisted of nomadic and monastic people and Vovin.
It has properties of hardness, indestructibility, and of a intricate relation between balance-sustenance and rift-explosion, between the poles of in and out. It is theorized that it might have on its own some kind of relation for microorganism or aetherial beings on what refers to as binding something together, be information, energy or anything of sort, yet nothing can be comproved at all. Whatever unit can be distilled of what in fact the Rasa binds together is mysterious yet, and may be even something artificial. The Rasa creates almost indestructible surfaces which are used to shock into other elements, tearing them apart without harm to its users. And in the same manner it can binds and approach to other elements with pretty much of a naturality, leaving this element to be kind of imperceptible, even to unknowingly users of it. This relation of in and out was also used by the God of Air-Spirit and Ihyiotl oxidation (one of the Nine who came into being), Huitzopoca, as the same was capable of vampirism (the Powaq technique used by some Aztec LHP traditions). Using this element made him with enhaced senses on the edges of others breath and in the manners he has to catch it from them - without even touching the victim.
As so it is the rarest of the hidden elements, but the most reciprocal to master.
Main colors are Gold when energized, Yellow when revealed, and something like Gunmetal when hidden.
Its relation to Darr is that of "the Manipulator", for being able to challenge and rival even the strongest minds in command of the latter element's telekinetic powers. Its relation to Orichalcum is that of "the Melter", for it is quite imprevisible for the enhaced senses the latter gives, and is also capable to mess the elements the Orichalcum has influence on.

And finally, the Ater Adamantis, or the Scrier.
It is quite a theoretical element, a completely indestructible element, which grants an enhacement of all senses, durability, resistance, and is also capable of generating a dimension on its own, like any of the atrium of the Taoshi's kvalnut, which were all meld to give birth to the reality we are confined. It was known to be present in Apep, and might have been part of the organism of the legendary huehueyolcatl, which predated Mnemosyne and Teyoliatl in distinct immemmorial times. Yet, it is disputed from where it originates and how - Tupaq the God of Darkness is known to have one Ater Adamantis in his possession (that of Cipactli, the oldest Huehueyolcatl, whose Ater Adamantis/Pineal Gland has been taken by Tupaq, but not fragmented by Hydros' Trident as Apep's) - some are pretty sure he is one Ater Adamantis. What supports this is the fact that he as the phantom dark energy sets motion to the universe's expansion, and the same plans an acceleration of such expansion, a 'Big Rip' that will make extinct matter and energy, preserving the essences of beings which only he can sense. This leaves room to all losing ipseity to his own - that's why the Ater Adamantis is regarded as Anti-Onthological. Yet, some discuss whether or not it has relations to Chaos dimension - from where Apep and others were originated - since it distils one me from the wholeness.
Telchines search still for this day, to meld the Apep originated Vovin crystals back to an Ater Adamantis and to awaken its entity. The Trident which shattered it, as well, is said to be a foremost powerful weapon of unconsciousness made conscious - a creator of worlds, which resists time, memory, words, images and all others, and transcends realities and singularities. But the only who so far shivered (and crafted) a Trident was Hydros, the God of Water who came into being, after fighting Chaos.

Following, I'll upload images of the weapons which are crafted out of these elements and play a major role in the Apkallu Mythos.

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