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Tahmoures Akhtar (TAU)

This is the latest entry in my ALPHA OMEGA Armor Series Sci-Fi Character & Gear Design project update.
It's a digital painting for an original character in a sci-fi armored suit series context. I for one am really tired of drawing separate characters, and shall invest more time in composition now.
TAU ARMOR Specs: Self-generated power by Orichalcum core generator Thermo-Matrix, arguably capable of freezing any substance. Can project ice, blades as hard as diamond, cutting as steel. Has "cryo-grenades", such as the one in the left leg's belt (near the magatama looking "cores", which enhace the adrenaline in the blood curent of the user as a stamina keeper), which freezes substances despite lack of humidity. Is sensible of weather change effects. The "tentacles" fills the blade with resistant freezing substance of choice. Can be detached and used as "whips" or projectiles. It has a poisonous bite, which infects enemies with freezing substance akin to degenerate organic tissure as if in necrosis. User is isolated from such a contamination (despite in the autopsy of a formeruser, it was arguable some poison did spread across the pubis).

To those following my work, the AXIS Military Academy would be no news. But a pressing concern, should one reveal the one behind the armors donned by its agents, is, who's Tahmoures Akhtar? Wasn't Agent TAU another one?
this story concerns the climax of AXIS' impeding closure and destruction.

    The AXIS was foundated in 2000 with the intent of fighting and studying the demons who came to be known to public spheres in the following decade. Present in the Gulf War, present throughout old African Continent, the ones behind the most traditional slavery routes on Sahara, or exchanging the dirtiest deals between the tyrants who rose to power throughout last century, "demons" or "hybrids" became more common. Un-centralized units of human slave labor and exploration have been found far from before thought to be traditional spots. Amazon Forest, Australian Billabongs, Pacific Rim and Southeastern Asian jungles, infested with slave-lords of both human, demon and animalistic characteristics. To that, scientists of all areas and the youngest generation from worldwide fame scientist or military related families came in secret accord to deal the last century's finest tech in a "modern crusade" against such secret force. From Sigma and ownwards more armors were made.

Tau, for example, was the crowning achievement of American enterprise ABEL Inc. to its faithful economical partners in the Emirates, long-time supporters in the Gulf War against their rivals in the Islamic world. Sheiks of the houses Baku, Saab and Raidje controlled the Persian Gulf and promoted connection to the Indian industries in a fashion not stranger to the original British investments. Globalization on its finest, military interventionism seemed to be the rational answer against the Somalian Pirates who not unusually employed demoic aid on their unholy job. But the role of AXIS turned blind eye when it needed to. Whilst agent Omar (1986-2006) of Libyan aristocracy was killed fighting a demon in Antarctica, the armor which would have given him advantage (it's adapted to cold) was once again withheld by the institution. To that, princess Dalal (of the Emirates, one among thirty siblings) was sent to don it. She sparred with ABEL Inc. manager's adopted daughter, Lana Bridges, for the NI armor, previously an acquisition of AXIS' staff. She lost. But she'd win Tau over other fighters. That's what she came for, therefore, she won. Not unusually her commitment to AXIS would be in shock.
    Favoured by aristocracy, a staunch supporter of legal transparence, yet hipocritically a secret assassin, murderer in service of the economical stability proportionated by her father's business and what it represented for global community, she could hide well her commitment amidst the degenerating decay of AXIS' 'schoolie' facade. She was friends with Tara Singh, Agent PSI, a half Indian half Pakistani overseas student which more or less was related to Indian working class' enterpreneurs. She'd come to fight through AXIS in many missions, more noticeably when regarding African Continent or Middle East. In 2009 the scenario was unsustaiable, for Paynal and Triton (the later in specific became an unparallel enemy rival, somewhat an obsession) broke the veils of the "demonic outbreak" for the public. AXIS was out of favor, it's secrecy challenged, its autonomy bond to INTERPOL, and traditional sheiks which conceived economical support in the 90s began to question their allegiances. AXIS issued two missions which broke apart their ranks in early to mid 2010: Mission ATLANTIS and Operation SCIROCCO.
    Dalal participated in SCIROCCO, which pursued undisputedly demon-led caravans across two or three different spots which lead from the Sahara to the Tenere deserts. Connection to governments in Chad, tied to France, and Lybia, until then tied to Italy, were un-deniable. The few survivors of the fiasco gathered at Ulhaden's base (Ulhaden Co. is a belical sponsor of AXIS) in Sudan. But Dalal couldn't resist to backstab the powers in Chad, given they were supportive of Sudanese separatism which could inflict severe change in the Arab world, resounding negatively to her father's domain in the Emirates. Throughout a year or less, whilst on the persecutions to Triton and the Minotaurs, she was many times lured to fight fights that didn't concern neither AXIS or herself, against a secret hired bounty hunter so often spotted in action. When a civil war broke out in Sudan, the SCIROCCO team (or what survived of it) fled to South Sudan (which just turned independent). Dalal was found dead and out of her armor in the rubble at Juba, some weeks after the coup.    
    Then, who was assisting with the Tau armor in the latest days of AXIS' service? Landlocked by terrorist campsites, the SCIROCCO team steadily disbanded, Kappa fled from the institution and Qoppa revealed himself, only to be neutralized by third parties. Mission ATLANTIS was failed AXIS was officially closed, since its sponsors were framing each other. Tara would never forget the lifeless sight of her friend, and would follow the secret agent "career". This wasn't her first loss.

This secret bounty hunter was the Ohrmuzdian (from a sky fleeing satellite on earth) Tahmoures Akhtar.
in culture, hedonistic in religion. He was an assassin for hire, long story short. Dalal was easy to be lured to fight for others and lost her ground, to escape from the safety and die in the front-lines, because she followed other's rules and missed her own code. She died despite having the advantage, just like former agent Omar Baku. Tahmoures was at time in service of the war-mongering sheik Tonzahz, a competitor which privatized the Lake Chad, turned it in a military camp filled with Chinese private forces (those being his greatest allies against the de facto leaders of Chad, who would rather support Taiwan) and used that to crack the earth open for the Akhs (mammal humanoid demons which use the power of Xnobius and were used 37 centuries prior as a rank for an early nuclear war), in hopes that by destabilizing UNA-affiliated Islamic forces in Africa he could master the continent through a series of black markets, inter-dependent of each other. He virtually abused of the relation of "cat and mice" of both demon-hunting and human-trading, playing AXIS with pranks and turning demon lords obsolete in the now visible market of "human effort". An enterpreneur.
Tahmoures was wealthy, he lived in the privilleged artifical satellite Ohrmuz, heretofore a galactic potential, today a secret plan, destination to few select individuals (usually Islamic-related aristocrats) in their vacations as a touristic destination of highest investments no less. But he had the mentality and need of living as a bounty-hunter and a mercenary. He had a code. He found on Tonzahz's script his own role. He didn't care if the Chinese were actually the backers of such a plan, economy could change regardless of the tide the same old heads would be preserved. In the worst case scenario, he'd have to be hired by someone else. It turned out better for him, though, as the last pieces torn the aristocratic slavery poles into dust, but failed to rally armies to destroy it completely. His services were hired by even higher investors. He, Tonzahz and a disbanded Russian military would form a convenient brotherhood, a mafia no less whose intent was to break through the stability of UNA on its weak spots. Turkey, Iran, Kosovia, Libya, Mauritania, Somalia. Until it got proportions to reach internetional media attention in Italy, France, demanding UNA to recur to that which they've never imagined before: Chinese protectorate policies.

Of course the actor of change is never the individual alone, and Tahmoures' story as the one who dons the Tau armor wasn't eternal.
He'd find possible allies in the most un-thinkable mission. Kill God himself. As he found himself in a no escape situation, he'd pay his accounts with the devil, before god cut him down.

This character is more or less based in an original creation of mine, the late 2006's Termonotrix. I'm gonna tell you, it wasn't easy to include such a character to fit in my current story project. But I'm more than glad I've made it. His maverick attitude, however, is more subdued with his cold stillness, reflected in the cold steel of his salvaged armor.
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This guy looks awesome, reminds me of a bionicle.