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Still a bit absent here, still active on instagram and facebook, so those if you haven't checked there these drawings can be a novelty.
I've designed 13 armors from a part of the "Alpha-Omega series" in collaboration with Guiler-717. His 14 armors plus mine make all the alphabet (and if you guessed it right, the additional letters from numeral system). The whole project is already at my behance.

Background Story:
Created by ABEL Inc. in 2001
Power: Ice manipulation, Freezing, Resistance to cold
Includes diamond shells and cryo-grenades. The Orichalum Core dubbed "Thermo Matrix" allows the user to freeze almost anything through a fluid of its choice (from necrotic venom to water)
Current user: Dalal Saab (From the Arab Emirates)

Currently owned by the private institution known as AXIS Military Academy, which mission is protect Tredius from demon-related threats (actually, an initiative by Ulhaden Corp & ABEL Inc, two major weapon industries that have created the Alpha-Omega series armors. The AXIS is more likely an academy for young bounty hunters who're unknowingly testing a likely inhuman technology, and doing the dirty job for the UN to "cleanse" everything dangerous that escapes its hidden slave pits)

About the pilot:
Dalal is the daughter of a powerful sheik which used to live in Sudan and cooperated with United Nations during the Gulf War, deposing tyrants and keeping himself at their position thereafter. As the country emmerged in civil war, he and the powerful house or "caste" he created moved to Lebanon and then to the Emirates, but at the cost they would keep farther and farther from their "secret dealings" in Algeria and Morocco. To prevent the houses' destruction and keep its position within the ranks of UNA, the powerful sheik sent one of his youngest daughters to train as a soldier in the Axis military Academy, for future purpose of serving the United Nations.
In the years following the foundation of Axis, they employed the armor as a counter-strike force against dubbed "terrorists" across Northern Africa. The house mediated the "petrol fields" which were of most important economical and political resources to the united nations, keeping at bay industrialists of other fronts. Once the original wearer of the armor, from another house at Lebanon, disappeared mysteriously, Dalal's father was more than ready to take on such a responsibility, and here's where Dalal enters, when she was around the age fifteen:

She has been raised in a wealthy family, trained for both battle and diplomacy, and came to study overseas in the AXIS academy. Her battle prowess earned her the Tau armor (after she lost the competition for the Ni armor for Lana). She became a close friend of Tara, who shares some of her views on the world, since they are a bit estranged in their French School Grounds, despite being more "modern and globalized" overall than people would notice. A rules-follower agent and obedient to her own schedules, she's too often proud of her bringing up and titles, and believes the problem of the "western world" to be frankly because of "laziness" of some people (a trait she often puts to Lance or Jack for example). She's known to discredit common or ordinary people and believe in the genius of their leaders at first impression. She believes people can do great things despite economical or social conditions, unknowingly denying class struggle or ideas such as historical debt. As a woman warrior who wants to cooperates with politicians to ease the tensions of globalization, she' looked up by the sororities of Axis as a possible role-model and as inspiration of "woman-power" without re-inforcing the common-sense faculties one would expect for the gender.
However, she's more cold-blooded than she permits the others to know. Being a dynamic rules-follower, she's kind of ignorant of major ethnical conflicts, admitting things to be rather simply "political" misunderstandings. However, even though lacking the critical thinking of Melissa she has a better scope of world politics than othe members such as Nicholas (who is hated overall by most members), Vitor and Ann herself.
She often fares against Ben and Drake's "club" (which would include Kai), most of times defeating them (much to their dismay, as some consider "losing to a girl" a bad thing). She's a stealth and agile warrior, employed in most missions with Professor Marco, who sees a good future for her assassination skills.
By the beginning of the series, she sees the new-comer Nina Roux as a possible rival, but dislikes the fact she sticks too much with Ann and get along well. She can't find reasons for that though, it's maybe just a feeling of her.

This side-project* consist of a series of armors and high tech gear developed by two distinct fictional enterprises and some "un-invited guests", all products of a previous project for an ultimate soldier. Different directions and results led to new analysis on the powers, which culminated in armors containing from elemental-based to physical enhacement and even space-time warping powers.
To house such classified average-tested armors at the disposal of something other than the belicous enterprises, a joint was formed, in no better facade as a school on its own: The AXIS Military Academy is like a school grounds for combatants, tacticians and fellows from other areas of human knowledge of greatest need in the likes of an upcoming catastrophe (such as healing, surviving, leading and fixing - to illustrate it better, it was officially formed around the turn of the millennium, and they're constantly warned about the changes in the world, politically and geographically).
To make things more dubious, a secret group of students are given the alphabetic, lettered armors (the others are given any of numeric value and with regular powers from a production-line), once they've matched the required specs to wear them. Constantly tested, sometimes it's in the grades (solving complex systems and having prowess of thinking in possibilities and achieving deductions), in the physical prowess (swimming, running, etc) or through good old duels between two or more students that seem fit (with the loser having no knowledge of the armor it was ever entitled to wear). The school has a corpus of teachers which inherited some armors and others that develop new ones. They can choose to tutor a specific student from the alphabet series of armors, and will regularly form squads in the eternal hunt for missions no other soldier are trusted with.
An example of mission was to find the reasons of a mass-murder in the venice coast. The goal would be both to find the culprit and neutralize it. Many agents would be required.

*- Even though having its own cast of characters, the events from the APKALLU Mythos affects them directly. This focus on the relations between the teenagers and young adults who wears the armors to hunt "demons", the other on a pre-teen who himself is arguably "half-demon".

Hope you like it!
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