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"We praise Svarog, grandfather of gods who is to whole gods' kin forefather and creator of everything living, eternal spring that flows in the summer and everywhere and in winter and never it freezes..."
(Book of Veles Plank 11/a)

Svarog is a Slavic deity associated with fire and hearth, with the works of the blacksmith and with celestial fire. In modern neo-pagan religions, he is reputed as being one of the major deities, one of the thirds of Triglav. Also, he was the one who gave Prav (a concept between laws of physics and righteousness), a 'divine law', like if a 'blueprint' on how to make work the entire creation (comprising both Yav - the material, tactile, world and Nav - the underworld, realm of thoughts and of the dead), and as so is regarded as one of the most important components of the Triglav.

This illustration was made originally to be part of a playing cards game featuring Slavic cosmology in my own style and interpretation. As a Fire God and almost like a primordial force, I see him as being made entirely of Fire, and also carrying some cloaking. The hammer and sword points out his works, the wolf-styled walking cane and the bearded figure in the pendant makes reference to wolves and age, associated with Dazbog and the sun (which is the theme of his suit in the game, as represented by the Kolovrat). Overall, I see of Svarog as kind of humble, in comparison with other bloodlust creator gods (like YHWH or the Demiurge), but that's exactly the idea behind him and the Prav.
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