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There are a lot more Tritons in the APKALLU universe than just Gustávos or Asclepius! Even though there used to be a lot more in the past 
This, for example, is how Aquacantlus looked like in a bit less than one millennium ago!
Aquacantlus is a pseudonym used by an ancient northern slavic warrior (and pirate), whose actual name is lost in the fogs of the past.

Born as human, raised as a warrior to the northeners, he was granted Triton powers as saved by Pollux as a kratozoa from drowning, after a betrayal of his Varangian Guard. He used his Triton powers to put an end on the ones who issued its orders, fatally murdering the very kings he served. Trying not to pass his bloody judgement on his former comrades, though, he wasn't able to tell if his mercy to them was just empathy for the class or giving a blind-eye on the consequences, since his "class" was understantably known for tricks, cheating and no regards for ethics but self- preservation.
However, if he got to know one thing from the years until then and to now, is that they Pirates struggled for freedom, a certain freedom of acting (and thinking, uncommon on so-called libertarian), regardless of social layers. He tried to ease the disruption between the Pirates and their conquests (which included slaves, after all), championing for the end of slavery in some of its earliest incarnations. As soon as he had settled on "Libertalia" (chain of islands) to make autonomous zones of cooperation between pirates and former slaves, the care of the land just delayed the freedom of travel and contact with other cultures he cherished for in his occupation and living as a whole.
In the end, he saw himself cornered with the very scum he despised, ready to give backs on those at their own side so they could benefit from it through other forces, already established millenia before he was born. 

At a dark moment of his life, he accepted working as a mercenary no different than the Varangians he served under, and dwellt upon his mind through symbiosis with Pollux. The very Pollux, however, was afraid of his fading memories, he didn't know, for example, why he was wandering in the sea in first place to save the young warrior who was betrayed by the comrades and thrown into the sea. As a Triton, Aquacantlus let himself be influenced by the choir that enticed Pollux, finding out a secret call which gave the Triton powers for himself, to begin with.

Soon enough, he understood he was on a much larger power play. His finding of the very sacred sword was meant to bring closer the net of daimobia of the world to a certain spot, spreading the essence of Hydros closer to where Chaos laid asleep, dormant, in other words, forcing the poles of in and out of the chaos dimension, in order to create a portal. But as he met others carrying such powers, he found out the portal was meant to trap someone.
But his curiosity just costed the plan of centuries that was devised: Having an opportunnity to travel into ucharted waters, he released an army of Telchines serving under the Delphic Order, and that let Apollo himself finally grab the escapee Abaris. The freedom of Abaris was obtained by the very Aquacantlus, who in exchange traded Pollux's Kratozoa, given Apollo was in search of the most Kratozoa he could get (so it could finally reveal his strange "state of illness").
Handling the very long-sword Svarog crafted for him (here split into two blades), he'd now need to hunt the escapee Telchines. Even though apologizing for Abaris, the latter affirmed that Apollo was still a pawn in a game, orchestrated by Hydros himself. Pollux would finally be used by the Telchines, to enhace the sword into a Caduceus. Learning it, Aquacantlus would be filled with grief for having turned the back on a former friend out of having trusted who he couldn't.

Before getting his revenge on Apollo (or Hydros), he'd need to reclaim his Triton powers. A companion of Abaris, Asclepius, a Triton himself, offered such opportunity. Given he already had symbiosis with a Kratozoa, he still sampled some materials which would systematically respond to the Asklepian's Kratozoa. Seeing that a Kratozoa, a life full of memory, could be so easily exchanged and replaced in such a weapon so it could transfer powers to others, he felt doubt, and declined the proposal. Instead, he'd search alternative means of power. He found out the magic weed that could grant one power to breathe underwater (the main power one wanting to fight the spirit of water would be clever to have), however, Asclepius hadn't yet gave up on his experiments: he ordered the claiming of that power in the Lake of Dilmun. It was inherently rooting within the very fruit of immortality that once Gilgamesh has searched for.
Enhaced both physically and living now as an immortal, however, he was now and forever an amphiban. Such immortality brought him closer to other adventurous lives he found on his journeys, such as Cuauhtemoc (who like him had an inclination against slavery - for his own reasons) and Lumen Draconis (whose rival Draconis, was also immortal and was "let to live" both by Aquacantlus and Cuauhtemoc in the past). His resolve, once finding that Hydros was of an unbeatable class of immortals, was to finding the reasons behind Apollo's plottings. Despite all that Asclepius and Abaris warned him, he soon discovered that his usage of the Cozauhqui blade and its eventual enhacement was no coincidence: the brief visit of Apollo, an Olympian Helladean, on the planet, has cast a mark, where Atar (an essence common to cozauhqui) was manifested across the land and has been connecting minds of many anonymous individuals, ranging from philosophers, to artists, to engineers, artisans and so on. That time came to be known by later historians as the Renaissance. The control and discovering of such essence, however, was matter of study for a forming group, whose concerns of class and empathy could be matched by Aquacantlus' own resolve.

Decided in taking a part of such a group, he soon found out they needed someone as used to the sea as him for trading purposes - they meant to engulf the world in the monopoly of the services held by its members, since they "received the call" and thus "were chosen to do such a work". Their class were no one other than the very bourgeoises which would feast in the suffering of the poor, where the soldier has been raised before. He'd scrap his plans of escaping to Helladeas, of facing eiher Hydros or Apollo. They left a mark on the world, a grim future for the globalized world, and he was in part responsible for it, as he'd be hunting forever the cryptocrats which assembled with him. His "betrayal" would declare war against the Novus Civilizatio (revealed to be an all-human cell for the organization which already existed a long time ago), which would tie him to the events such as the French Revolution and the Commune of Paris, to name a few. His participation on the Communes of Spain (at the 30s) warned him about the concerns Cuauhtemoc exposed centuries ago, since the fall of Tenochtitlan (if not, even before that!), that there were forces other than the Novus Civilizatio building up the Modern States, using the clamors of freedom, republic and democracy to fortify and solidify their indirect control over the population, consolidating the vigilance culture and running towards a HUMAN specimen automation, at last making no use of resistance and revolt (and neither of all the last signs of a person's will).

So, after the most disturbing changes in the millennia, all that Aquacantlus wanted was but a simple living, one he can afford to partially have on the Mediterranean, as a fisherman covering himself around straps at the sunlight. He take them out to enjoy diving and fishing by himself on the lakes, caves and springs. But even the fish are toxic these days, thanks to the very guys which used to meet him, which he came to know. His strong sense of responsibility has driven him almost into madness, and even so, he watched the coin terms of "militants" and "activists" much more than his fair share (if you did tire about the babble they make specially on college groups, you know how to feel), making him hopeless about the world. But in a day he went after the missing resting (weapon)place of Pollux, he discovered as well there was a new Triton on the world.
One that hated the seemingly peaceful ways of people whose ambitions were no different than his own, yet has the means and willpower to fight back the very cryptocrats he made their hunting of a living. The very one he'd rescue, train under his visage and finally that would lead him to a chance of living in Helladeas (this time, no longer caring about his amphibian skin). Not that such a living would last (like if any lasts for an immortal, but that was brief as the maximum of 6 years), given Helladeas would face its most harsh crisis.
Yeah, that guy has the height of a millennium on his shoulders, yet he isn't half as obsessed with his own plans as Cuauhtemoc.
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