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Set the Red God

Set is an Akh (fire powered, predator-like humanoid mammal) who fought in the legendary Topakhon Wars, briefly when the Akhs and the No-Fayan Army collaborated with the Frashokeretian Alliance and then in many centuries fighting against it and allying eventually to some fronts of the Ors Ohorela.

Like all the Akhs, his homeworld Manglapronn (known as Muspelheimr) was eventually destroyed, given the Frashokeretian alliance believd it to be right given the war crimes the Akhs committed, such as destroying the planet of Jötunheimr. As individuals which depend of heat to use their powers, the Akhs also became very dependent of themselves as a society and as so developed technology capable to gather micro-organisms known as Ushabti to create a 'chain' of heat. That, however, changed drastically many environments across the galaxy to suit Akh's lust for power. Such symbiosis was also made possible to Non-Akh species, such as Vovin, humans, Chronpuchian and even Cuetzpalin, all those uniting to the 'No Fayan' army of Khepera, Akh's shaper and master of fire.

The Topakhon wars weren't the last of wars on which Set fought, he also served the Xiuhcoatl Empire, as well following the leader of the No Fayan Army. He was also responsible for the harsh colonization of the once primitive lands of Egypt. He was one of those members of the Per Aa council which dug into Duat and discovered Apep, a giant serpent that is closely related to the isostasy of Tredus.
As a hot-headed and certainly convict of his own and of the No Fayan, Set got many enemies, including the very court of Maat, since the same tried to murder Osiris. That story was but reflex of the feeling the Akhs had on the wars: when international affairs interfere the land, and the life of them, they become rather xenophobe and aggressive. But the No Fayan, in order to survive and contain itself as an army and/or nation, has to grow, at some rate becoming an internationalist force as well.

Since the Akhs can control a certain quantity of Ushabti to keep their bodies from burning, they tend to live in societies so the Ushabti balance the heat between them. But that don't stop the Ushabti from multiplying, and as such the Akhs tend to pursue physical prowess and activities, such as laboring. Loner Akhs do exist, though, and Set is one of them. That means he's very powerful and has many hidden fire powers. Through covert means, No Fayan leader Khepera inducted the same need of Ushabti and social life to the humans of Tredius. His plan is to shape the planet in the same manner as Muspel: A fiery desert powered with energy from the stars themselves.

Recently, the No Fayan master Khepera has raised many Ushabti based armies and set a massive flux of radioactive heat upon Tredius, coming from spots such as Central Africa, Egypt, and across all Haijian (the biggest Oriental country of Tredius). Set, while a desert nomad, noticed the moves of his master, and will likely answer the call, serving again the will of his master, people and therefore of his own.
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