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After a long month, an attempt to illustrate what it'd be like a conflict between an Alpha-Omega AXIS Agent (in the case, Dalal Saab - Agent TAU, the girl with the razor sharp ice blades) and a "demon, hybrid, melez, alien, strange organism, xenobiotic-aberration". Which demon? Our very own protagonist, the Triton of course! This take place in a city around the Black Sea Coast. These are the pillars of faith, the pillars of fate...
Tau creates synthetic ice-crystals, famed to be "hard as diamond, cutting as steel". But Triton's Orichalcum plates are damn resistant. He has a staff whose pole can be very slicing, when it's activated, as if a virtual crystal which uses water in many forms. They fight over, while Dalal is preoccupied with property damage and civillians, Triton is rather on the time wasted and the continuation of animal exploitation in the city streets being left unharmed.
Kind of sketchy, but I liked it.

    Behind its blue scales and organic golden armored exo-skeleton, a joint venture between the keen intellect of a young Minoican (Minoica is a bit like our world's Greece) high schooler and the audacious sly, cunning and cruelty of a seasoned warrior, even though, with bit of an amnesia (understandable when you got to live ten thousand years - even more plausible when the last thousand you spent 'sleeping' with nightmares and dreams around you), the famed Odysseus, a former Triton himself who, due to age, became a tiny kratozoa (think of it as an eel-like parasite, much like those cnidarians who becomes polyps again), whose only choice of surviving is living in symbiosis with a vertebrate (or chordate, but amphioxus aren't really larger than a kratozoa), so this vertebrate gains Triton features and houses his old mind. For his luck (or not) he found (was found by, actually) a human!!
    Ever since, morphing between his human self and his Triton form, Gustavos Mauros (Gous for short, Gus in our anglicised language) is doing what he can, learning about his powers of weather alteration (which happens as the effect by the common use of "poles", his staff and of his Orichalcum conch) to his own cause - undiscriminately preserve the environment, and more importantly, those who reside in it. With a bit of a titanic disposition and maybe some naiveness, he comes to see here and there, as he travels through the world (living in the Aegean Sea and speeding up to max of 450 km per hour in water makes he able to "go into places" kinda far away, right?) that things aren't that simple.
    With honesty, he realizes few by few concerns such as the class struggle, and the history of the people. You know, things they don't teach in school and your parents absurdly don't know for they're too busy working to make some bourgeoise get even if a more bit rich. Brutally, he sees no reason for others to use any sentient being on its accursed initiatives. An iconoclast seeking to release rational beings from the poison of imagetic placebos, he's proud enough to challenge whatever authority. Destroy monuments and people. Make the present more important than either future or past. Avenging the past. However, not everyone knows his deeds or even personality - worldwide, he's just as seen as an aberration who went from some dark depth to kill humans. Dialogue never worked on such a case, you know... when you are blue, with scales, and even your eyes aren't human.

    He's got to be in a round of unfavoured conflict. Serving as a bodyguard to a Minotaur smuggler who goes by the name Aristide LeGrand over a month in a passage from Casablanca toward Lybia, he was actually a blackmailer, doing his service of protecting him from rival mafiosi and their demonic aids, as well as keeping the public eye out of its transition (a treasure in a strongbox), rather deviating on his outbreaks of violence (he'll make any animal use as an excuse for killing - avenging as he likes - and as we know, every market has got such one evidence, even though he prefer doing it in the source, slaughterhouses or fisheries), as a choice to not only raise awareness about sentience - but effectively claim huge, harsh, severe and unescapable consequences to those who defy, deny or minimize its matter. The blood of the victims to show it in their language. But he's got no blind eye as he does such a "favor" for his Minotaur comrade Miredrinn Flannagan Taurin, who not only promised him treasure (which fits more his old king persona than the economically honest young man), but also gave him a chance to, through this experience, get a better glimpse on the convoluted joints which operate slavery (which the Triton fights against, despite helping a minotaur descendeant of broken slavers themselves) and are conveniently targeted by UN, while it keep key figures to such work in public positions only for profit.
    On such occasion, he invades a big deal of domestical problems in the 'Arab World'. He gets to witness that Agent TAU (serving AXIS) is ready to give away her identity, to promise sheiks allied to her father (an Emir in the UAE) that the certain demons they target will be stopped. Which ones? The old LeGrand and the Young Triton. Knowing Agent Tau is a girl, a rich and powerful girl, but not who is Dalal Saab, gives him no advantage at all, but he already make remarks on how she makes her lies and allegiances, serving rather herself than this AXIS Institute (which by now you must know what it is).
AXIS (Applied Xenobiotic Intelligence Service) - the "Xenobiotic" here refer to the Alpha-Omega - is the Institute which legally owns the Alpha-Omega armors throughout the decade of 2000 to 2010, to which Agent Dalal Saab is part of. Its main conscripted goal was to hunt and capture (or else when stated, slay) demons (scientifically known as hybrids, and through some lore referred to as "Melez") throughout the world.
Alpha Omega is a series of techno-organic, hi-tech symbiotic armored costumes and gear imbued with an exclusive power for each unit, to which TAU whose power is related to cryogenic effects, inducing frostbite "poison" on enemies, freezing surfaces and throwing razor sharp blocks of ice, is part of.

Missions of AXIS - Black Sea Demon Outbreak
MISSION de-BRIEFING: Dozens of reports on strange xenobiotic hybrids leaks, investigate and neutralize. Coming from southern margins of the Black Sea, demons of canine appearance to flying demons and ram-looking anthropoids escalate from rural regions to coastal cities, such is the case in all the Bosphorus. Independent Media and Public Channels already cover the events happenning ever since May 6th. This may be a league of demons affiliated with the Triton, his Minotaur Ally and his Dalmacian Mafia - sneak and neutralize - all the other demons must be engaged by proper personnel                     -2009
agents assigned - Pi (Team Leader); Psi (Reconaissance); Tau (Stealth Assassin - engagement), plus squad of an average of different 40 members in key positions, 10 posing as common civillians.
Agent PI's status is of heavy damage ever since May 11th. PSI stand on his guard, as he recuperates from a Barzakh Attack in the Syrian desert. PSI recognizes the demonic breed as pertaining to the Akh Race, common to Sahara and Central Africa. Agent MI, in rehabilitation ever since April 25th, recently released, leading a troop by the Aegean right now, to meet in Lebanon with capacitated authorities.
    Dalal Saab is one out of some dozen of siblings. She was raised in strict education and showed proeminence for swiftness and agility. Imposed herself over enemies, stood for herself and for others. Followed private security training when reached maturity to it. Outside, she lives a normal life, of course. She got very expensive hobbies, however she treats privacy as a most sacred thing, so even talking about her is kind of lacking. She joined the AXIS initiative in 2006. What people don't know is that she did so only after her promised husband, an Alpha Omega Agent himself [more ironically the former agent Tau], was killed in a mission. All the reports are confidential, but she's got to learn and earn this information: he was killed by a sea creature covered in scales. Destiny makes it once again, right? Wrong. Neither Gus nor Odysseus were active in 2006. But that doesn't change to someone who sees "demons" in the plural, albeit their singular forms, experiences, and etcetera. She means to kill the Triton, who other than that threat commercial success of the Mediterranean, forcing a vast long-lasting social crisis within three months of action throughout both East and West.

    End up sometimes AXIS' missions extrapolate the "boogeyman hunt" thing and has a rather material, political inclination or even follow irrefutable hygienist policies referring to allocation of entire populaces under "environmental concern" facades or through economical support of extracting industries.
This is not the case. The demons which "leaked", the Akhs, have been summoned by secret partisans within the Haijianese Government (anything like our world's China). At the same exact moment, Akhs comes forth from the "depths" of the minimal Lake Chad. They make a political unstability there, in face of some zone of unrest, and here, in economically important cities. AXIS often hunted demons in frozen zones (Chechnya, Transnistria, Abkhazia) or in uttermost inhospitable environments (deserts, jungles), other than that, only in the dusk of night or meters beyond abandoned railways. But this political mission has a heavy price: The United Nations and INTERPOL, through the insertion of Agent MI in the ranks, has been dictating the tenor of AXIS' Missions. Not long ago, Agent MI was employed in a mission and disregarded direct orders from his instructor, XI. He went on to abandon the squad and rather mobilize a secondary gang of his, sponsored by American magnates. What he saw as an increasement in ranks was more of a stain to AXIS' autonomy, secrecy, and reliability, and that also didn't help a thing - the sellswords only served as human mortar. Sent to "rehabilitation" in a prison settlement in Sardenia, he was set there only to be activated in extreme cases. This is one of them (read update). But Dalal would rather leave him and his plans for the operation alone, leaving Lebanon districts out of it, making up all her efforts here and now, blaming the Triton for it all - slavery, the Akhs leaking to the surface, and such. She does notice, however, that the Triton is as lost as her: he's actually in pursuit of yet another hybrid (not present in scene), an appriser to the secret Haijianese Government, the Fire Lords. In the end, this conflict, ruckus, is a bait, an intricate play set by the Haijianese powers turning two of their enemies against each other at once, forcing the ruling authority to choose it's side wisely.

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