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Odysseus was born as a man. But his story wasn't his own at first. He received that name because his fate was that of creating, receiving and distributing hate. For fellows and enemies - he had tons of them. But he used such power in his favor. Autolycus, his uncle, was no man. With the blessing of transformation and control of the sea-wind (as a Triton), Autolycus already prophesized the fate of the Laertide.

Odysseus suvived a most bloody war, was cast off from his home by earning the wrath and hate of the Blue Tyrant. But he himself surpassed that ordeal. Blessed by Gods such as Athena daughter of Ohrmuz and Trismegistus himself, he was "brought back" from Hades. For when Circe transformed his men in animals, he was secretly intiated. He himself became one, deeper in him, he became a kratozoa, as a slug-spine organ of the Tritons, he became a potential Triton himself. He'd see Tritons fighting alongside and against him in Troy, in fact his wits caused wrath and shame on one of those of higher kind. But now, he was no longer man. All the metamorphoses' steps are encrypted in the well-known poem. It is her who sent him down there and which helped him to cross between Scylla and Charybdis.

As if dead and brought back, he would mine the plan of the goddess whose lust and envy brought him to serve her. By getting the very lance on which his former brother-in-arms Diomedes was kept as a Kratozoa, he'd avoid the queen of witches from taking a panoptical look across all Mediterranean, letting her rivals and the gods themelves to give a charge on her machinations. But that didn't end on that, he understood that, no longer a man, he was capable to do much more. He saw "no-more-king" Theseus possessing other men as Kratozoa, and frankly despised the Triton for liking more Athenian petty and pathetic politics than joining the raids he was used to. He was no longer King of Ithaca, but he was his own King, and nothing could stop his journey. He saw Mighty Achilles return on the body of a man, Alexandros, just to be fatally wounded by the gods again. As a warning, he wouldn't follow his wits to challenge the Gods - instead he'd explore the entire world, passing across all globe.

His power of his conch plus of the Orichalcum conch made a pole of energy, and Dante did make reference on him while describing his and Diomedes' role in Inferno. Despite his lack of moral code, he was still as of noble intent as the medium of Kings. During some point, he, Orpheus and other still living Tritons, from an age ago, were sensing something strange in the Gates of Ys. The day a Red-Armored Knight came to the gates of the city, and when he was joined in wild love with the princess of the town, something happened. The plus 500-year-old Tritons felt and understood who was the knight. He intended to recall the species from Tredius, and he'd begin that on this city, killing thousands of innocents in the path.

His only respite was found in the most unexpected means: Circe the ageless goddess did aid him to search for the Achillean, capable of proteting himon the monsoons against the wrath of the blue tyrant. But the effort was in vain, for he had secret cults worshipping him across all the valley of Indu to the archipelagos of Indonesia, under a different multitude of castes and idols, or even cultures and ethnicities. And from one another, the incident left Achilles dead, as a somber reminder of his own catch phrase "I'd rather serve the worst tyrant on earth as a living than reigning all in Hades as a dead" and that shocked the very concept Odysseus had of a hero. But he wasn't dead after the destroying tornadoes, floods and eruptions...

Reduced to an almost indestructible Kratozoa, he was bathed in Lesmosyne instead of Lethes, and that gave him immortality as trapped in his weapon, waiting for a hero to claim its power and his arduous mind...
That challenged even more the concept of heroism when he arrived. And even though not the best allies, they teamed-up in a sole body to continue the exploration of the world and the challenge against th Blue Tyrant, Lord of Infinity. When facing the peril of such partner his presence caused, he was certain he no longer had a purpose, having missed his family, forgotten his own memories and being faded to his own, he'd shift his own weapon to a Caduceus to serve, as still dead, for a higher cause - his own, as continued by the anti-hero which by fate inherited this power from him.

Now we see a young human-who-becomes-triton living up to his own Odyssey.
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