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These are the main members of the Novus Civilizatio, an organization which is reputed to have been foundated in the 29th century b.I (circa 5000 years from now), and acts only in secrecy. It was created by some Capitalist Hawliens (a species) during the Topakhon Wars, to eliminate Ors Ohorela from the power in their planet Spektruz. They didn't suceed, but by the end of the War came their choice to re-build the planet in their own likes. Such administrative matters were often encouraged amidst their members, and given the more influence they acquired, more shadowed and secret became their members. Soon it turned out to be the top of the pyramid of a whole network of secret organizations which founded its principles on traditional moral values.

As such, the first Novus Civilizatio was comprised only of Hawliens from Spektruz. Soon all those who aided their cause seemed to replicate such organization in the affairs of the planets they lived, taking on matters a paradigm of speciesism and sexism to the entry of the few members. The same filters of members to enter and actively participate in such organization reduced the executive branches and came into a maximum of twelve. These here presented are those who comprises the Human Circle of the planet Tredius. Much more circles exist across the galaxy. Their intent began as a political struggle, but since the multiplication and departing of such circles, former "arms" of the original circle took on their own matters and shared with their species their main goals. As of now, this circle plans a Human emancipation, they are the leading front to support a world dominated by humans, in a manner a kind of an "Anthropocene". Despite all the different takes, all the members agree their path will be that of Human Automation.

This circle is relatively new: formally, it was instaurated around the 15th Century a.I. It revolved around influential land-lords, merchants, a new class (Bourgeoises) and so-called humanists, who thrived in the "renaissance" and "rationalism" that was recurring on art and philosophy (as taking the role of shaper to what people see and conceive is a fundamental and integral part of the work of a Neo Civilis), and was jointed through the most diverse means, more often recurred in lore as a response to a wavelength of "Atar" spread across the northern hemisphere of the globe, through assistance of Tritons, Proteus and other species which finally departed from the Tredian planet into Helladean society through a portal enaced by the Delphic Order.

That experience was followed by a "Glaucean" (actually a man, who had the power to shift in Triton but had his kratozoa took from him, and then by trying to restore his powers, received immortality and virtual endless stamina [through a fruit of immortality planted by asclepius] at the cost of the changing of his body, maintaining a form between both species), who voluntereed to serve as an "arm" due their mutual interest in spread a kind of "republican" values, as he shared with some fellow pirates. But this same Glaucean (who goes by the codename Aquacantlus) was not stupid with mere word and dig deep into the hierarchies of such a group. He witnessed the expulsion of one of its members due its conduct, but he was so certain that his "crimes" (understood here as animal/human testing, as gathering and generating orphanages with the intuit of testing, as well as slavery and by developing a powerful source of climate changing through machinery) were not only adopted but as well as recurrent on all the power-hunger faces of those who were gathering all they had to make the world their playground.
He was sure they planned the human automation, to control all the inner relations through a scheming of the macro-cosmos they lived, in boundaries beyond to politics. Republic and Democracy were but another joint to make a state of vigilance which would objectify, quantify, sistematize and get everything they wanted. He was then left without assignment, trying to hunt down the secret members of such group. But whenever one fell, one of its arms assumed or any un-suspected person would take the charge, as if some spheres seemed less and less important as time lapsed. These faces now are the ones that opposers have been collecting in their research, asociating in accordance with Aquacanlus' legacy on the relations of titles and charges they have in their inner hierarchy. They're no longer "natural" humans, given they extend their life-spans, implement their bodies or even cover their faces strictly through machinery (like cyborgs), or even seem to be re-animated from pre-meditated frozen state. Some have social lives and identities, others seem to don't work on anything beside this sacred intent, acting like twelve apostles to a humane and democratical world - devoid of its chaos factor.

The main units, the seats of power, all keep an eye on its own concerns on responsibilities about given sphere. As cryptocrats, sworn to participate in society, each individual has its own scope and influence, and as ultimate heirs of the seats, they avoid fight through councils, even though they are given 'servants' to work for them, and as well capable of replacing them, should they falter with their compromises or with their fellows of this fatherhood. There is no real hierarchy besides the chains which englobes the spheres, even though those who congregate on this will rather assume it was always result of advancement of each leadership since the century of the establishment of the order as it is known (15th Century a.I).
These are the annotations the opposers collected from their sources and allies:

1A) Laws and Justice – Alexander
Current member: Brimghtonian origin, seems to be in charge from since the 1940s

Servant: Gallian Republican, seem like Montesquieu; A Brimgthonian by the name of Churchill

1B) Technology – Archimedes
Current member: Inter-planetary influence, alias of 'Ahorfándi', sounds native speaker of French, in charge since the 1960s, but seems to be active way earlier
Servant: A Capingtonian, American enterpreneur

1C) Economy – Rhodes
Current member: Known by many aliases, such as 'John Anthony'. Fits description of '
Herod'. Seems to be American, in charge since 1945, has no ID
Servant: Looks like Adam Smith (Scottish) in a formal way, like if it doesn't know who he works for

Politics – Caesar
Current member: Seems to be exactly an animated corpse of
Napoleon (French), acting since 1900s, dealing what "he left behind"
Servant: A nano-robot construct inspired on a 'Roosevelt', acting just like if months ago...

2A) Philosophy – Innocent
Current member: A priest from Vatican, known as
Pius XIII (as a possible Pope, if anything happens to the current one). Italian, in charge since 1900s
Servant: Formal service of a cardinal from Spain
Reputed former members:
René Descartes (French) – from 1650 to 1714

2B) Engineering – Wright
Current member: A copy, zombie, construct or whatever seeming like Isaac Newton (English), active since the 30s
Servant: The same goes but this time with enterpreneur and opportunistic T-Edison (American)
Reputed former members:
John Dee (English) – from 1558 to 1609; Jacob Golius (Dutch) – from 1609 to 1667

2C) Diplomacy – Justinian
Current member:
Seems like Isaac Ohr (Israeli), working after WWII and closely to UN
Servant: At least two "consulars" from Eastern Europe
Reputed former members:
Maximilian of Bavaria (German) – from 1651 to 1714

Current member: A crepy android-like figure which identifies itself as Thomas Hobbes British accent doesn't lie where it comes from
Servant: The UN chief security head, former general Wagner K. (San Brandonian), serves since 2000, connections after Dictator Tupaq's prison
Reputed f
ormer members: Maurice of Nassau (Dutch) – from 1625 to sometime between 1667 and 1714
Reputed former servants:
Getúlio Vargas (Brazilian) – from 1954 to 2000

3A) Culture – Aristotle
Current member:
A Minoican working in educational services, with phD, bachelors and degrees
Servant: Like a construct of Da Vinci (Italian), yet it is a loosely contract and an uneven one - as if it possess kind of a morality to refuse the work
Reputed former members: Johannes Bureus (Nornlander) – from 1613 to 1652

3B) Biotic Sciences – Galenus
Current member:
Goes by the moniker 'Exar', Zealandian neuro-scienist and early victim of Triton, has been appointed after the attack.
Servant: Brimghtonian neuro-scientist, cosmeticist

Current member: Identifies as 'Gropius' (the Teutonian one?), but has serious identity problems, speak with himself...
Admits to be Le Corbuisier (Genebran)

3D) Military – Damocles
Current member: Unidentified goes by the Knight moniker:
Knight X (Italian 2009), Knight XI (Charlemagne, 2010-2011)
'Inquisitor', an Israeli conservative,  was recently killed by Middle-Easter dictator Tonzahz's forces
Reputed former members: The Expelled One, catalogued as J. of Patmos (in contrast with the evangelist)

The ordinary way of function for the Novus Civilizatio is based in circles, where the spheres congregates on special cases, mostly for investigation and strategy, dealing with the principle of common matters, on levels of relevance for the human as a cell of a society. It was through this conscripted system on which the empyrical importance of the Spheres gave origin to the three chains. There are four circles with three spheres each:

A – Circle of Character
Purpose: Maintain human unity, the sustenance of one's individuality lays on the moral, and one can only find a good life experience while knowing its place in society, comprising the amplitude of human existance in both past and present, so it enlights the future get to know the rights and laws which protect us from harm.
Spheres: Laws and Justice; Philosophy; Culture
Personnel: Alexander, Innocent, Aristotle

B – Circle of Science
Purpose: Humane knowledge's keep lay on the communitary help and labor schools, the learning effectively put practice on the mutual desire of better life conditions, which can usher a better future in more humane conditions. Science reveal how our world works and is the key to our survival.
Spheres: Technology; Engineering; Biotic Sciences
Personnel: Archimedes; Wright; Galenus

C – Circle of
Purpose: Looking for a more humane human, this circle works on purpose on a place where richeries, property and the pinnacle of human survival is sustained within the world we live in, reaching both channels of global communication and exchange, which in term riches the relations between the society.
Spheres: Economics; Diplomacy; Social
Personnel: Rhodes; Justinian; Leonard

D – Circle of
Purpose: In order to make effective practice of the security, this circle has as the first goal the maintenance of society and individual, making peace in total and global reach as possible, easing the dangers faced within un-balance in any other circles' works. It makes sure rights are being recognised and production is reaching who's it meant for.
Spheres: Politics; Intelligence; Military
Personnel: Caesar; Ptolemus; Damocles

Work on the principle of hierarchy, using symetrically related heads of the circles, in associative nature within resolve-missions to accomplish. It works on similar goals, based in level of necessity (in degree of number, one being the most reclusive, given its work and labor effectiveness and need of the spheres for 'domestic' casualties more often than degree 3, for example). Even though less inserted in missions, chain 1 spheres claims larger power bases. There are 3 chains with 4 segments (Spheres) each.

1 – Chain of Wholeness
Purpose: Maintain global unity on humane societies, leading them to uttermost progress and development, it is based on sustenance and practice, admnistrating all available human work, production and effort in order to secure the future, includes the main heads of the four circles, to keep the status quo and establishment of a peace-keeping worldwide society.
Spheres: Laws and Justice; Technology; Economics; Politics
Personnel: Alexander; Archimedes; Rhodes; Caesar

2 – Chain of
Purpose: Keep all humane legacy of the world whilst sustaining its bases, applicate all levels of intelectual and immaterial property (knowledge) in order to secure the structures which can provide safety through moral codes and healthy debates, using strategic means.
Spheres: Philosophy; Engineering; Diplomacy; Intelligence
Personnel: Innocent; Wright; Justinian; Ptolemus

3 – Chain of
Purpose: Whilst the other chain serves as an eventual reminder of the moral basis for mankind, this chain will purposely deal with the eventual changes that come from a free and open society, through a series of knowledges and possibilities based on academic and military ranking structures, preserving culture and improving human life.
Spheres: Culture; Biotic Sciences; Social; Military
Personnel: Aristotle; Galenus; Leonard; Damocles

From all the existing secret societies, this has no open code for the belief or dis-belief in primordial elemental spirits (deemed as "Macabraics"), leaving it open to the adept to believe in it. Other organizations, such as the defunct Per Aa council, and the rivalling Fire Lords, which reputes to own the other "half of the world" (Orient), confidently see the world as comprising such arcane forces, some believe even some of them are between them. The Apkallu counsellors, as well had their demise fated to these Nine beings.

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