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Minotaur Miredrinn vs Apkallu Triton



This battle marks an important part on the Triton's Career.

It's been almost a year since young Gustavos has acquired his Triton form and powers, and since then, he unveiled pretty much how the world he lives works out, but there are still much more to uncover. On that process, he came to trust almost no one, yet himself was but a manipulator, and his leadership has inflicted important struggle on the political scenery. Most of his "skill" derived from the Minotaur Miredrinn, who introduced him to the political scenario of Mafias, Churches and States which run the European Continent of Tredius.

The Minotaur Miredrinn was already born with influence, yet it couldn't last forever, so his life was marked by dealing with what he inherited and how he could keep it in hand with all the severe changes in the world. On that struggle, he came to appeal to political-oriented parties, and he lived up on dealing land, people and weapons (all equaled to money, a mere quantity) causing war for his benefit. But all that only made greater forces led by human people to accept him in their ranks. But as he knows he's going to be replaced anytime for anyone they choose, he was given an offer of "reconcilement".

Such offer came from Hydros, and had a major implcation in freeing the Spine Odysseus (according to him, the last of a Triton in Tredius). By luck, fate, or chance, the young Gustavos once followed a closed path on a setentrional jungle in the Islands of the Pacific. Escaping from the noises and from Satyr troops, the human young was attacked by the Triton spine (in the form of a serpent), which fused onto him.

Forgetting what he saw, he only had a sense that it wasn't human. More shockingly, he would wake up as a Triton. Instead of getting worried about his state, he'd enjoy being something more than a human for a while. Later on, many things would happen on his life, much more while acting as Triton than living his random human life.

Accompanying the career of the Triton, Miredrinn was given by Hydros the goal to let the Triton break the United Nations' Plans so the Dark Spirit Tupaq could be freed. Once he was freed indirectly by the Minotaur or the Triton, the first one understood that the Triton had a pre-disposition on desecrating the United Nations and had similiraties shared by Anarchists. He would use that to instigate on him the extermination of his rivals and superior ones.

But the Triton himself would build his own network and chains of allies, with Dazbog in eastern Europe and other groups in the Pacific. With that, he would need the aid of the Minotaur no longer, what opened the path for his superiors take the right time to eliminate him. What was different between these two inhuman survivors was but in their ideals - while Miredrinn vision only what may or not bring luck to him, the Triton has a plan that may take even a decade to be complete...

On his final run to escape and find Hydros, though, the Triton would eliminate thos who were against the Minotaur. Instead of acting as a protector to him, his only goal was to unveil who was behind all the mess which gave him Triton powers and as well to leave Miredrinn without any profit for the deaths he caused.

But Miredrinn, aware of that, has claimed for this situation the last relic the once mighty Minotaurs had inherited in the planet of Tredius: The Herculean Hammer, forged from a fragment of the hero's club. With this weapon, he is able to rival the Triton's Orichalcum Staff of Schism, as both these weapons, forged by the Telchines, are made out of two hidden elements (Oraklyte and Orichalcum, respectively).

Beyond any sense of good and evil, these warriors are rather unknown and unsupported by any human, for they fight not for a human world, but for a relentless situation of escape and despair. That will be just the first step the Triton will need to do to achieve his plan on freeing Tredius from the lots which have been corrupting it for far too long.

Even though the forces which hold fate have deemed these forces to collide, all the events that follow this point are ruled out by the streams of Chaos itself.
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