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Kupala is yet another ambiguous folkloric character in some of the Rodnover belief systems. This illustration is to be featured in a playing cards game, and she's the Jack-Knave to the Suit featuring folkloric water-oriented characters (such as Rusalka, Vodyanoy...), represented by the religious "Hands of Rod" icon.
The main confusion comes as well in the mo(ve)ment of Romanticism, just like as around Lada's personality and characteristics. Fact is that as a reconstructionist sect, most of the Rodnover faith and belief system is oriented on practised tradition rather than on historical, distant and still-to-the-day unknown system of belief or cult of the Ancient Slavs as a whole. Kupala is associated with the bathing event, "Kupala Day", whose cerimony is presided around lakes and features a matrimonial, collective courting. Traditionally, it is disputed whether Kupala or Kupalo (a male version) was the deity presiding over the day, or whether if it was actually destined to an entity on its own.
As with Lada, a personification of spring, cultivation and agriculture with strong romanticized connotations, Kupala is a modern element in this belief-system, now associated with water and herbs, agriculture-lore. She's not to be confused with yet other folk-tale, "Kupala and Kostroma".
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