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Sketch with a size comparison of a human teenager (relatively tall) and the form it takes whilst transformed to Triton, through assistance of a Kratozoa Spine, organ which the Triton Species use to transcede a first physical death, injuries or organic failure. It is better understood as a radical "skin shedding", more like a body exchanging, since the serpentine structure of the organ (which make mention to the microorganisms' flagella,  to the serpentine principle of the crawling movement and of the Amphioxus' organic linear hierarchy of funtions) carries on vital energy and memory of the elder Triton to live on a next time.

Such capability enforced the elder Tritons to have symbiosis with initiates (mathematikoi), to share their knowledge, information and skills, making it easier to keep a vast set of traditions to carry the weight and deeds of the Helladean Civilization. However, not only these facts or reliable half-truths were shared: the very Memory and feelings of one another began merging without parallel, driving a body with two consciences to almost the same goals and ambitions, and, may one like this kind of reciprocity or not, it became unstable and viciously cunning the initiate warrior, or extremely paranoid the initiate poet.

On the other hand, the Tritons created a schism between their species' genders, the males began reproducing with human females, who were able to give birth to Tritons themselves and were more reliable to their family and political structures. However, Tritons born of human and Triton were inapt to create Orichalcum conchs or to generate the Kratozoa spines which they were so famed for. As time lapsed, these initiations began to lose importance, as they found other safer ways to perpetrate the values which lifted their civilization aeons ago.

But these values were received with mixed feedback on the Helladean colonies of Tredius in the late Topakhon Wars. Pirates, power-hunger mercenaries, local tyrants or just wannabe-deities fought against each other over the spines. Yet some Tritons themselves wouldn't leave half of the work done and would, in fact, try to conquer this untamable power through the power of the logoi, they were few, scarce and less united. And even the learned, Humans who became Tritons would use their transformative powers in devastating ways.

What made scarce the usage of these spines was then the Tritons' oldest nemesis, the Telchines, which forced their ancestors to evolve in order to defeat their cruel Empire. The Telchines did hunt the Kratozoa Spines in order to fabricate Sekhem weapons, and that left a massive vacuum in the Triton knowledge. soon, even in native Helladeas, the Triton offspring grow bitter to watch humans and Olympians assuming roles which historically perceived to them. While it was progressively working on a literal "humanization" of such powers, some individuals born as human would abide to become Triton instead.

By these curious means, for it was through the very Sekhem weapons (cause of ruin for the Triton Legacy), which was meant to fuse, numb and bind the immortal spine, that a loose Kratozoa (unbound by a scheme from a witch) would restart the process of symbiosis and the transformative powers would take place again, finding a learned whose ways runned that of "backwards" according to the progressivism of the Helladean Society, which birthed the Tritons and was room to their awesome powers.
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