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HYDROS God of Water



An illustration depicting one of the NINE Elemental Gods. This is HYDROS, God of Water. Master of Liquids, Oceans, Sea, Rivers, Mist, Fog, Rain and Turbulence Effect (as well to the four deadly streams). He's also known to all of the Hidden Elements , for it was him who parted an Ater Adamantis and since gave names, titles and classified the lots of them. He created Helladeas and the species which inhabit it, except the Werewolves, Satyrs and Minotaurs. His major struggle is against his own subconscious, no other than the primordial beast Chaos (source of schizo-genetic life, progenitress of the huehueyolcatl). His earliest memories are of subjugating the beast, ripping off one of its grown-up tentacles (who came to be Apep) and severing its head with the Trident (formed whilst he was swallowed by the beast). Since then, he "fused" the beast in him, which un-materialized and was incorporated on his own water-body. From the only part that remained of the bloody conflict, Chaos' conch, he created Hesperia. Soon, the civilizations which would flourish there would alter its functioning, marking the brief time of Pelasgean Civilization. After a great flood, the planet would finally be re-settled to a new experiment: Helladeas.

He's known through other epithets and cultures, as a proeminent shape-shifter, and one of the few elementals who doesn't bother to incarnate in multiple forms once in a generation, in the most distinct social layers, occupations and kinds of life. "Godly" forms of his own include Tangaroa (entity from the Pacific), Pariacaca (god from South American peoples), Tlaloc (the chief of altepetl Nahui-Quiahitl, in Aztlán) and Poseidon, his Olympian (Helladean super-powerful aristocrat) form, among others. His other lives are numerous, from princes to beggars, fishermen and nomads to valiant knights (and even as speaking horses). He's also been the major cause of epic floods across all history. The founder of Atlantis and its own destroyer (despite the tendencious sources now citing his brother instead of him), he's also the Red Knight responsible for the destruction of Ys.

Differently of the other Elementals, he sees almost no use in the grandeurs of a "Great Experiment". Of course he did participate in the creation of heterotrophic life in some of its deadliest shapes across the most bloody of times, creating and getting rid of many champions (Dunkleosteus, Elasmosaurus, etc), as well he was crucial in the development of large civilizations, but his plans are kind of participating and playing with rather than commanding and setting the tone of his creations. He's considered to be inventive and artistic, his underwater creations reflect that. He has a "dark side" as well, for in most of tragedies he has a role, given he inspire on the mortals the wills to uncover the uncharted, to reach the unobtainable and the desire to be recited across history. And it's himself who denies them their wishes, making of them sad corpses in the deep blue sea.

His plans are kind of unheard by the other Gods, but he has developing manners to seize the planet of Tredius' hydrosphere, take its atmosphere and then settle the pace of its life, for he believes the planet is an acquaintance of his since it's there where Apep (the only key to awake Chaos, what would cut short his own being) currently dwells. He stood watch on the planet for some millennia, but he can no longer let his brothers (specially Lapolakh) destroy a marvelous planet so easily.
Among other things, he's kind of responsible of the creation of the Xcoa, which ushered the Topakhon Wars. By trying to get rid of Tupaq (who was visiting Helladeas as Erevus), he let him fall into the Chaos dimension (as tricked by the dark nymph Nyx who lured him). He not only escaped, but brought forth Four-Hundred divisions of his own shadows. With such an army, he'd install the Topakar Revolution and march across the Galaxy with his own dark plans, undisputedly conquering most of it.
As so, by the closing of the war (1658 b.I), he believed it to be unuseful to trap Tupaq, to keep him prisoner, no matter if it was on a parallel dimension or whatever. He warned his brothers their enemy would only return more powerful with a stronger resolve. And except for a "brief time" (1342-2000 a.I) that Tupaq had to set himself free, it was Hydros who would release him in the last time (in 2009 a.I), scrapping the work of the Six of the Gods themselves who engaged Tupaq in battle. He claims he has secret manners to defeat Tupaq once and for all.

He's free-spirited and antagonizes Tupaq when the latter claims "there's nothing new to expect from the dimension of matter and energy", by replying that "novelty is an experience which depends on our own creativity". His greatest rival is Tempo (rather unknowingly, he's been involved in the joint of the Elemental Gods to defeat the Huehueyolcatl and by instilling this antagonism, has been a factor to the disappearance of Xochiquetzal, who, according to Hydros, was the most beautiful and kind creature that ever existed), yet the elemental who despises him most is Huo.

Digital content include original line-art; a version of the illustration without titles and a version without background.
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