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Born in the current region of Poland, there was a dark Magician who followed the path of the dark dragon god and thus saw what he saw as a trick in the concerns of the "Ater Adamantis" as a path to ipseity. Believing the quest for power had already been deemed with previous victors, he escaped from his initiatory order and searched alternative means to raise armies, to challenge powers already established, and built his own plans to stand a chance in taking honors and powers which he believed to be his own right.

Becoming a No Fayan adept, he revealed the Army of Anubis in the Late Middle Ages, defeat the Vovin King Belphegor, claimed his Crystal of Xnobius (thus rendering him a humanoid dragon shape), and spreaded Vampires across the Eastern Europe. His secret army proliferated and swarmed throughout the entire east, and now he waits to find opportunity in defying all those who stand between him and his goal: the complete sentence of ipseity, individuality, power who determines the fate of all according but to merit and thoughts of the superior, un-beatable existence (that would be his own).

He has many enemies across his own ranks and outside it.
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