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Bartolomej was born around the dark forests in the between of East and West. Raised half of his years at the farms and valleys, and another to the paradigm of the cities, he re-calls his early memories, until he becomes certain this moment rather comes straight from his ancestry. Marked by no cliche of hard life, just a spiritual guidance, he soon reconnects (as in religare) himself to the everlasting sempiternal burning fire of the gods, the vivid power of the hearth.
Passing over his own blood family through an inner feud, passing over his own acquaintances through a schism, he seems so lost and yet so certain when he realizes the strings which came to defect his life to a moronic state of servitude: the monotheistic religion which shadowed the existence of his kin, himself, and of all the sons and daughters of the Wolf-Shepherd. Religion which spawned incessantly the very "Enlightenment", "Modernism" and "Humanism" (as well as all other which fit under these generic terms), as creating obstacles between the individual power and the Mir.

Not able to live on his own on abandoned farms, the very cold and dead cities would be his own playground. Found himself on the journey of his life playing as a nomad, the joyous pursuit of a heathen life opposed the bucolic and romantic idealists who differently of him were inapt to work, to chop down and slaughter all that moves against his own pursuit of spirit. Getting rid of these sycophants, he soon found himself on the world of organizated crime, a world where it could be found some use for his problems with fire other than an entertainer, circus player, freak or addict.

But even so as his power grew, he and the Far-Right Parties of Rodnover reconstructionists entered in internal disagreements. Yet not pursuing the same as the radical left wing (i.e. a social change in the function of anti-authoritarism, a broader autonomy and collectivization of the means of production), they did caused a ton of damage to the running authorities (Church); loosened the security and power over distant fields which formerly served solely as hunting grounds for the traditional aristocrats of numerous bureaucratic states of the East (thus partially collectivizing it in the process of taking it and admnistrating it on their own), and even secured (on their negligence and inability to admnistrate all land) wildlife and nature. In the end, the Far-Right did a social transformation in the absence of a radical left (anything that would result from it, wasn't actually one or another side of the french reformist chairs).
That, until parting ways when the weapons masters of the guerrillas (whose goods side with neither "left or right") showed up disposal of ammo to the leaders of the party.

When he sensed betrayal, invisibility and bureaucracy fashioned within the diplomacies of parties, he understood his fire power wouldn't be held back or shadowed by a trade market based on an act which reaped lives of youngs as himself for the extension of old bureaucrats. His sole acts of church-burning awakened the interest of few select individuals from generations immerse in the sameness of modernism (and its late spawn) and loosely created different groups. Opportunists rose from all sides, to blame, criticize, punish, support, or ambiguously discuss those deeds. But it would be through yet another young spirit whose will was deep-rooted in the past that Bartolomej would finally turn the tables.

The ranks of the parties were hunt down. The church's bishops cowardly and desperately ran towards international forces of the UN, the weapons-dealer secrets were soon revealed, and labor on those arms would resume through those which still supported Dazbog, or those, who, pagans of heart, were neither cursed with the slick of the middle-class bucolics and neither with the raging stupidity of the party members. Staying true to the very moniker he adopted to substitute his Christian name, Dazbog was ready to use his nomadism for something other than errancy and vagabondage.

From this day forth, he would uncover the gods, would deepen his spiritual experience, wield great power and finally reach a radiating destiny.
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